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Primary view of Private Beliefs of America's Financial Analysts--1953
Hansel, John
March 1954
Primary view of Expulsion of Carriers from the Double-Barrier Quantum Well and Investigation of Its Spectral and Transport Consequences
Chyla, Wojciech Tadeusz
March 1992
Primary view of U. S. China Policy During the Cold War Era (1948-1989)
Kong, Wei, 1968-
March 1995
Primary view of The Relationship of Adult Attachment Styles to Working Models and Behaviors in Marriage
Creath, Maxine Kay
March 1994
Primary view of Segmentation and Analysis of Phonemic Units as Related to Acquisition of the Initial Consonant Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence
Mathews, Barbara A.
March 1981
Primary view of An Application of Protocol Analysis in Indentifying the Reasoning Strategies Used by Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Remedial Reading Students
Seibert, Jane Boyce
March 1981
Primary view of Concerns of Black Community College Women
Thompson, Donald Elwood
March 1981
Primary view of Perceptions of the Sudanese Professional Working in Saudi Arabia on Migration and Economic Development of the Sudan
Hamid, Adil A. (Adil Abdelaziz)
March 1990
Primary view of Prospective Memory and College Students: Validation of the Wood Prospective Memory Test
Rowe, Christina J.
March 1992
Primary view of The Effect of N, N Bis (ethylene)-P (1-adamantyl) Phosphonic Diamide on Rous Sarcoma Virus
McGraw, Thomas L. (Thomas Lee)
March 1988
Primary view of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Follow-Up Assessment of Physical Functioning Abilities After Treatment in a Comprehensive Environmental Control Unit
Cockburn, Orbie
March 1981
Primary view of The Influence of Psychological Stress and Personality upon Athletic Performance of Intercollegiate Tennis Players
Reed, Rebecca Lee
March 1978
Primary view of A Preliminary Study of the Systemic Problems Underlying U.S.-East European Trade Relations
Abbott, Karen L.
March 1981
Primary view of The Causes of Revolution: A Case Study of Iranian Revolution of 1978-79
Tehrani, Mohammad Hassan Tajalli
March 1982