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Primary view of A Comparison of Changes in the Offerings of Secondary Schools in Texas and Louisiana since 1920
Phillips, Orville L.
Primary view of Disposition of Disputed Cases, Involving Non-Basic Wage, Union Security, and Non-Wage Issues of the Oil Refining Industry by the Eighth Regional War Labor Board
Grubbs, Kenneth R.
Primary view of The History of Acadia Baptist Academy
Boyett, Evelyn S.
Primary view of A Program of Films for Teaching in the Primary Grades of the Louisiana Public Schools
Field, Thelma L.
Primary view of A Study of Grievance Procedure in Labor-Management Relations as it Operates within the Eighth Regional War Labor Board
Martin, Marie G.
Primary view of The Confederate Naval Department and its Operation at New Orleans
O'Glee, John Clifford
January 1960
Primary view of History of the St. Charles Theatre of New Orleans under the Management of David Bidwell, 1880-1888
Roden, Sally Ann
May 1969
Primary view of Henry Clay Warmoth and the Politics of Coalition
Tunnell, Ted
August 1966
Primary view of Leadership Concepts of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Students
Gleason, Dale Harvey, 1921-
June 1955
Primary view of The Role of College and University Athletic Trainers in Texas and Bordering States
Patton, Robert Edward
January 1969
Primary view of An Investigation of Certain Factors Related to Self-Concept, Sexual Knowledge, and Attitude toward Sex Education of a Group of Elementary Teachers
Hobbs, George W. (George William), 1932-
June 1970
Primary view of The Production of Fragile Cysts by an Aberrant Strain of Azotobacter Chroococcum Isolated from Soil
Cagle, Gerald D.
May 1969
Primary view of The Relationship Between Dogmatism and Neuroticism in Supervisors of Sheltered Workshops and Changes in the Self-Concept of Handicapped Employees
Whatley, Arthur Allen
December 1971
Primary view of The Appeal of Fashion Retailing as a Career: Perceptions of Fashion Merchandising Students
Daniels, Susan Leigh
August 1994
Primary view of The Relationships Among a Reading Guidance Program and the Reading Attitudes, Reading Achievement, and Reading Behavior of Fifth Grade Children in a North Louisiana School
Mosley, Mattie Jacks
August 1986
Primary view of Effectiveness of a Performance Contracting Program in Reading and Mathematics Relative to Educationally Deprived Secondary School Students
Kelley, Peggy Joy Lloyd, 1929-
August 1973
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Reading Habits and Abilities of Students in Selected Elementary Schools in North Louisiana With and Without Centralized Libraries
Lowe, Joy L. (Joy Lambert)
August 1984
Primary view of Factors Related to the Professional Progress of Academic Librarians in Louisiana
Brazile, Orella Ramsey, 1945-
May 1991
Primary view of The Relationship between Level of Implementation of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Curriculum and Evaluation Standards and 5th Grade Louisiana Educational Assessment Program Math Scores
Jones, Gregory A. (Gregory Alan), 1960-
August 1996
Primary view of The Value of Visual Media in the Achievement of Instructors' Objectives as Perceived by Instructors in Predominantly Black State-Supported Colleges and Universities in the State of Louisiana
Pennywell, Phillip
December 1980
Primary view of Perceptions of the Louisiana State-Assessment Program by Superintendents, Principals, and Teachers
Cooley, Glen
August 1981
Primary view of Job Performance Expectations of Recent Journalism Graduates and the Importance of Journalism Education
Flynn, George A.
December 1980
Primary view of The Need for and Use of In-House Secretarial Training Programs in Manufacturing Companies in Selected Louisiana Cities
Weaver, Marie Benoit
August 1981
Primary view of A Psychological Investigation of the Expressed Attitudes of Single Undergraduate College Students Toward Marriage and Family Life
Martin, Don (Donald Vincent)
August 1981