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Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Educational Achievement of Two Groups of Seventh Grade Students Matched on the Basis of Intelligence Quotient, One Group from Independent School Districts, the Other from Common School Districts in Young County, Texas
Fain, William Floyd
August 1939
Primary view of Comparative Value of Two Types of Teaching Reading
Evans, Lucy
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Graham School System
Hefner, Hubert A.
Primary view of An Investigation of Graham High School Graduates to Determine Whether They are Meeting Stated Needs of Business as to Personality, Intelligence, and Character Traits
Mayes, Billy Woods
Primary view of Comparison of the Effectiveness of Modern and Traditional Methods of Teaching the Social Studies in the Eighth Grade
Matzinger, John Dewitt
Primary view of The Relation of Mental Hygiene to the Reading Achievement of the First-Grade Child
Sprinkle, Mary Thomas
Primary view of The Effect of Maladjustments of Children on General Academic Achievement in One Section of the Third Grade of Graham Public Schools
Rubenkoenig, Eunice Ethel
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Home Room Versus Departmental Method of Teaching Second Grade
Lindsey, Charles A.
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Reading Ability Scores of Boys and Girls in the Third Grade of the Graham, Texas, Elementary School
Range, Ruby
August 1950
Primary view of Social Class and Selected Characteristics of Intellectual Pursuit
Hanvey, Edna
May 1973
Primary view of Electricity in Rural Areas of North Texas
Greathouse, Charles Simmons
January 1949
Primary view of Some of the Effects That the Development of Oil in Young County Has Had on the Educational Program of the County
Emanuel, James R.
August 1940