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Primary view of The Characteristics of a Community of Practice in a National Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute
Pearce, Terisa Ronette
May 2010
Primary view of Teacher Decision-Making: Cultural Mediation in Two High School English Language Arts Classrooms
Araujo, Juan José
August 2011
Primary view of Struggling Middle School Readers Learning To Make Intertextual Connections With Texts
Johnson, Sunni
December 2011
Primary view of Critical Literacy Practices, Social Action Projects, and the Reader Who Struggles in School
Bauer, Courtney Marie
December 2011
Primary view of Missed Opportunities: Examining The LiteracyExperiences Of African American Students Displaced By Hurricane Katrina.
Pollard, Tamica McClarty
December 2011
Primary view of Ninth-grade Students’ Negotiation Of Aesthetic, Efferent, And Critical Stances In Response To A Novel Set In Afghanistan
Taliaferro, Cheryl
December 2011
Primary view of Developing Oral Reading Fluency Among Hispanic High School English-language Learners: an Intervention Using Speech Recognition Software
Ruffu, Russell
August 2012
Primary view of Social Networking, Workplace, and Entertainment Literacies: the Out-of-school Literate Lives of Newcomer Latina/o Adolescents
Stewart, Mary Amanda
August 2012
Primary view of Student Facilitation and Predictors of Engagement in Peer-Led Literature Circle Discussions
Young, Chase
December 2012
Primary view of Developing Culturally Responsive Literacy Teachers: Analysis of Academic, Demographic, and Experiential Factors Related to Teacher Self-efficacy
Sarker, Amie
December 2012
Primary view of Identity of African American Characters in Newbery Medal and Newbery Honor Award Winning Books: a Critical Content Analysis of Books From 1991 to 2011
Morton, Tami Butler
December 2012