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Primary view of Relaxation Imagery to Facilitate Endogenous Control of Lymphocytic Function in Humans
Myers, Carol Rae
August 1984
Primary view of Enkephalin Hydrolysing Activity in Alcoholism and Related Changes in Mood and Ability to Perform a Biofeedback/Relaxation Task
Benoit, Larry J.
August 1984
Primary view of Total Stress Load Inventory: A Validation Study
Sherck-O'Connor, Robin
December 1986
Primary view of Cognitive Coping Strategies with Chronic Back Pain Patients
Hinnant, Donald Wayne
December 1985
Primary view of Mirthful Laughter and Directed Relaxation: a Comparison of Physiological Response
Woods, Barbara Jane Simmons
August 1985
Primary view of Temperature Biofeedback and Visual Imagery in the Treatment of Migraine Headaches
Clark, Susan Matthews
December 1985
Primary view of Assessment of Brain Damage: Discriminant Validity of a Neuropsychological Key Approach with the McCarron-Dial System
Norton, Carole Lynn
December 1985
Primary view of A Comparison of Imagery Relaxation and an Educational Treatment Modality for Dysmenorrhea
Skewis, Sally Sweitzer
August 1986
Primary view of Factor Analysis of the Clinical Scales on the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery, Form II
Von Seggern, Heather Beth
August 1987
Primary view of The Role of Self-Efficacy in Predicting Adherence/Compliance to Health Behavior Regimens
Cline, Mark H. (Mark Holley)
May 1985
Primary view of Aerobic Conditioning: Effects on Locus of Control, Mood States, and General Well-Being
Bertschler, John Joseph, 1948-
December 1987
Primary view of A Measure of Dependency in Patients with Chronic Illness: Clinical Ecology
Jones, Frances McManemin
December 1985
Primary view of Partial Reinforcement in Frontalis Electromyographic Training
Capriotti, Richard
December 1983