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Primary view of A Case Study of Social Transformation in Medical Care at the Community Level
Lensing, Willene (Willene Crowell)
May 1994
Primary view of An Examination of Gender Role Differentiation in Crowd and Collective Behavior
Webb, Gary Ray
August 1994
Primary view of Traditionalism and the Abused
Neal, Suzanne P.
May 1995
Primary view of Women and Men in Central Appalachia : A Qualitative Study of Marital Power
Dabbs, Jennifer Mae Burns
August 1994
Primary view of Organizational Perceptions of Women's Vulnerability to Violence in the Wake of Disaster
Wilson, Jennifer L. (Jennifer Lyn)
August 1995
Primary view of AIDS and Aging: Are the Eldery Becoming the New At-Risk Population?
Allen, Annette Marie
August 1994
Primary view of Gender and Job Satisfaction: Test of an Integrated Model
Stanley-Stevens, Leslie
August 1994
Primary view of Predicting the Retirement Intentions of Professional Workers
Knapp, James L. (James Lyndon)
December 1995
Primary view of Black and White Members and Ministers in the United Methodist Church : A Comparative Analysis
Dunagin, Richard L. (Richard Lee)
August 1991
Primary view of An Examination of Strain Among Community Police Officers in Northumbria, England
Humburg, Joel D. (Joel David)
May 1994
Primary view of Individual Resources, Social Environment, and Flood Victimization
Rossman, Edwin J. (Edwin John)
May 1990
Primary view of Sexual Behavior Among Secondary School Going Adolescent Women in Zambia
Palka, Karen
August 1992
Primary view of Predictors of Health Care and Social Service Utilization and Perceived Need Among the Disabled Elderly in Canada
Dietz, Tracy L.
August 1992
Primary view of The Impact of the Ordination of Women and Androgyny on Marital Adjustment
French, Beverly J. (Beverly June)
May 1993
Primary view of The Activities of Disaster Relief Organizations During the Permanent Housing Phase of Recovery: a Case Study Analysis
Ephraim, Melinda M. H.
August 1992
Primary view of Organizational Commitment in a Self-Managing Work Team Environment
Ruggiere, Paul John
December 1991
Primary view of Isomorphism as a Paradigm for Examining Self-Managed Work Teams and Work Spillover
Cyphers, Amy E. (Amy Elizabeth)
December 1993