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Primary view of Fashion-brand Experiences in Multi-channel Retailing: Impacts of Experience Dimensions and Experience Types on Brand Resonance
Evans, Leslie J.
December 2011
Primary view of Transformation of Relational Social Capital to Purchase Intention in Virtual Engagements at QQ China
Huang, Ran
December 2011
Primary view of The Impact of Music on the Shopping Behaviors of Generation Y Consumers in a College Campus Bookstore
Turner, Lindsey Jean
May 2012
Primary view of Using the S-o-r Model to Understand the Impact of Website Attributes on the Online Shopping Experience
Zimmerman, Jonelle
August 2012
Primary view of Examining the Effects of Apparel Attributes on Perceived Copyright Infringement and the Relationship Between Perceived Risks and Purchase Intention of Knockoff Fashion
Chaykowsky, Kelly
December 2012
Primary view of Facebook Marketing for Fashion Apparel Brands: Effect of Other Consumer Postings and Type of Brand Comment on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention
Jung, Yeo Jin
December 2013
Primary view of Exploring the Impacts of Fashion Blog Type and Message Type on Female Consumer Response Towards the Brand
Melton, Rebecca
December 2013
Primary view of Examining E-loyalty Model in Social Shopping Websites: the Impact of Social Shopping Website Quality on E-loyalty Formation
Li, Xiaoshu
December 2013
Primary view of Facebook Brand Page: an Exploratory Study of Facebook Brand Page Attributes and Their Influence on Purchase Intentions
Karam, Marian T.
December 2013
Primary view of Consumer Shopping Motivations with Facebook Retailers: Utilitarian Versus Hedonic
Anderson, Kelley B.
May 2014
Primary view of Evaluating the Role of Design in the Apparel Industry in the United States
Beard, Diana
August 2014
Primary view of Determinants and Impacts of Pinterest Consumer Experiences
Vasquez, Lauren
December 2014
Primary view of Consumer Compulsive Buying and Hoarding in a World of Fast Fashion
Higgins, Kathleen M.
August 2014
Primary view of Best Practices in Targeted Advertising for Fashion Entrepreneurs
Slaton, Kelcie Shaelyn
August 2017
Primary view of The Impact of True Fit Technology on Millennial Consumer Confidence and Satisfaction in their Online Clothing Purchase
Parr, Jacqueline Nicole
December 2017
Primary view of Slogan Word Count and the Effects on Consumer Behavior
Scro, Paige
December 2017