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Primary view of Prospects of Korean Reunification: Analysis of Factors Affecting National Integration
Kim, Koo-Hyun
December 1992
Primary view of Young Children's Communicative Strategies During Pretend Play in the Context of the Block Center
Lee, Myungsook
May 1996
Primary view of A National Study of Junior Colleges in South Korea from 1963 to 1991
Lee, Suk Ki
December 1992
Primary view of A Study of Korean Kindergarten Teachers' Concerns
Park, Guen K.
December 1992
Primary view of Military Spending, External Dependence, and Economic Growth in Seven Asian Nations: a Cross-National Time-Series Analysis
Ko, Sung-youn
May 1992
Primary view of Korean Students' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of their Internship Experiences in the Hospitality Industry in Korea
Ju, Jeongeun
August 1997
Primary view of Job Satisfaction of Women Faculty at Universities in Seoul, Republic of Korea
Pang, Jeannie Myung-suk
May 1993
Primary view of Development of an Instrument for the Evaluation of School Administrative Staff in the Republic of Korea
Kim, Jung Han
May 1984
Primary view of American-Korean Relations, 1945-1953: A Study in United States Diplomacy
Park, Hong-Kyu
May 1981
Primary view of A Comparison of the Perceptions of Faculty and Students of Present and Ideal Institutional Goals in a Private University in Korea
Ahn, Oksu
December 1980
Primary view of The Relationship Between Domestic Savings and Other Economic Indicators in Korea
Kim, Sunghoo
August 1986
Primary view of The Educational Policy-Making Process in the Republic of Korea: A Systems Analysis
Kim, Myung Han
May 1974
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Junior High School General Music Programs Between Korea and the United States
Kim, Do Soo
December 1990
Primary view of Some Causes of Inflation in Korea
Lee, Ihn Shik
August 1985
Primary view of Sources of Organizational Resilience During the 2012 Korean Typhoons: an Institutional Collective Action Framework
Jung, Kyujin
May 2015
Primary view of Exploring Teachers’ Constructivist Beliefs Using Talis 2013: Approaches to Training and Development
Angnakoon, Putthachat
August 2015
Primary view of Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Korean Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: Examination of Contributing Factors
Baek, Ji Eun
August 2015