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Primary view of The Effect of Participation in Advanced Placement And/or Dual Credit on Four-year Graduation Rates.
O'Keefe, Lynette Marie
December 2009
Primary view of Effect of the Home Environment on Children's 10 Scores and the Influence of Family Socioeconomic Status
Singer, David D.
May 1994
Primary view of A Parent Questionnaire Examining Learning Disabled and Non-Learning Disabled Children's Spatial Skills
Felini-Smith, Linda
May 1987
Primary view of Social Skills Training with Verbal Autistic Adolescents: A Case Study Approach
Nichols, Jill Howard
August 1988
Primary view of Attributional Style of Adult Children of Alcoholics
Coxsey, Stephen Andrew
August 1989
Primary view of The Effects of Parental Substance Abuse on the Behavior of School Children
Prelow, Hazel (Hazel M.)
May 1993
Primary view of Validity of Two Childhood Autism Rating Instruments for Use with Autistic Adolescents
McCallon, Denise
May 1986
Primary view of Criteria and Assessment Measures for Diagnosing Learning Disabled Children
Moyer, Melynda Karol
May 1986
Primary view of Models of Consultation, Referral Problems and the Perceived Effectiveness of Parent and Teacher Consultation
Epperson, Sidney Reins
December 1986
Primary view of Distractibility, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity Measured by the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children and Personality Inventory for Children
Alcantara, Helene Deborah-Lynne
May 1990
Primary view of Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Academic Behavior Among Students at an Alternative High School
Matthews, Catherine Henson
August 1983
Primary view of Relationship of Bender-Gestalt Signs to Acting-Out Behavior in an Educational Program for Troubled Adolescents
Caudle, Richard John
December 1980
Primary view of Relationship Between Reported Exposure to Racial Discrimination and Level of Self-Esteem and Trust of Whites
Robinson, Deborah L.
May 1984
Primary view of Analysis and Comparison of a Developmental Task Scale on Differing Adolescent Populations
Barton, John W.
August 1976
Primary view of A Study of Premenstrual Syndrome in Teachers and Reported Classroom Misbehavior
Kerr, Jacqueline Marie
December 1984
Primary view of The Effects of Locus of Control and Soluble Discrimination Problems on Intelligence Test Performance
Smith, Alvin, active 1976-
December 1976
Primary view of Family Structure and Self-Esteem of Elementary School Children
Anderson, Judy Novak
August 1978
Primary view of Educable Mentally Retarded: Classification of Students and Texas State Guidelines
Bonner, Angela Denise
December 1979
Primary view of Learned Helplessness: Disconfirming Specific Task-Induced Expectancies of Control and the Immunization Phenomenon
Taylor, Jerral DeWayne
August 1978
Primary view of Peer Acceptance, Mathematics Achievement, and Birth Order Among Fifth-Grade Students
Gerhardt, Vicki
August 1976
Primary view of Schedules of Reinforcement: Effects on Academic Persistence and Attributional Development
Dietz, Don Anthony
December 1979
Primary view of Academic Achievement Among Language-Impaired Children as a Function of Intensive Preschool Language Intervention
McCormack, Sarah (Sarah Smith)
August 1990
Primary view of The Effects of School Performance on the Self-Concept and Locus of Control of Learning Disabled and Emotionally Disturbed Elementary Students
Ronalder, Ronnie Lee
May 1984
Primary view of A Comparison of Sight Word and Phonics Contingencies in the Remediation of Oral Reading and Comprehension
Huffine, John Harold
August 1983