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Primary view of A test of the effects of linguistic stereotypes in children's animated film: A language attitude study.
Trowell, Melody
May 2007
Primary view of Awakening a World With Words: How J.R.R. Tolkien Uses Linguistic Narrative Techniques to Take His Readers to Faery in His Short Story Smith of Wootton Major.
Pueppke, Michael
August 2007
Primary view of Teaching linguistic mimicry to improve second language pronunciation.
Yates, Karen
May 2003
Primary view of Why the Japanese double-ga  construction cannot be scrambled.
Hoye, Masako Oku
August 2003
Primary view of Improving Topic Tracking with Domain Chaining
Yang, Li
August 2003
Primary view of Mary/merry and horse/hoarse: Mergers in Southern American English
Ehrhardt, Brooke
May 2004
Primary view of Present tense marking as a synopsis of Southern American English: Plural verbal -s and zero 3rd singular.
Aguilar, Amanda G.
May 2005
Primary view of An analysis of the syntactic and lexical features of an Indian English oral narrative: A Pear Story study.
Seale, Jennifer Marie
December 2007
Primary view of Language Choice in the ESL and FL Classrooms: Teachers and Students Speak Out
Fernandez, Cody
August 2006
Primary view of Semantic Shift and the Link between Words and Culture.
Dunai, Amber
December 2008
Primary view of Do College Students with ADHD have Expressive Writing Difficulties as Do Children with ADHD?
Mantecon, Hripsime Der-Galustian
August 2010
Primary view of A Corpus-Based Approach to Gerundial and Infinitival Complementation in Spanish ESL Writing
Martinez-Garcia, Maria Teresa
May 2011
Primary view of Processing Instruction and Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling: A Study of Input in the Second Language Classroom
Foster, Sarah Jenne
May 2011
Primary view of Lack of Evaluation as Evaluation: Analysis of an African American Woman’s Narrative
van Drunen, Vanessa
August 2011
Primary view of Exposing Deep-rooted Anger: A Metaphor Pattern Analysis of Mixed Anger Metaphors
Barron, Andrew T.
August 2011
Primary view of Directions Toward a “Happy Place”: Metaphor in Conversational Discourse
Edwards, Jonathan Ryan
December 2011
Primary view of Perception of Foreign Accented Speech: the Roles of Familiarity and Linguistic Training
Sales, Rachel
May 2012
Primary view of Alternative Complementation in Partially Schematic Constructions:  a Quantitative Corpus-based Examination of COME to V2 and GET to V2
Lester, Nicholas A.
May 2012
Primary view of "Be" in Dallas Black English
Jones, Nancy (Nancy N.)
August 1972
Primary view of Zero Anaphora and Meithei
Cockerham, Terence
December 2012
Primary view of Burushaski Case Marking, Agreement and Implications: an Analysis of the Hunza Dialect
Smith, Alexander
December 2012
Primary view of How Drawing Becomes Writing: Proto-orthography in the Codex Borbonicus
Bolinger, Taylor
May 2013
Primary view of Drawing Boundaries and Revealing Language Attitudes: Mapping Perceptions of Dialects in Korea
Jeon, Lisa
May 2013
Primary view of Middle Voice Construction in Burushaski: From the Perspective of a Native Speaker of the Hunza Dialect
Karim, Piar
May 2013