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Primary view of Strategic Alliance Between a Bed & Breakfast Inn and a Restaurateur: Impact on Net Income of the Bed & Breakfast Inn
Filler, Eunice Jeraldine
August 2000
Primary view of Consumer Attitude Towards Branded Quick-Service Foods on Domestic Coach Class In-Flight Menus
Mills, Juline
August 2000
Primary view of The impact of U.S. quick service on the health and patronage of Chinese urban consumers.
Zhang, Jiaoyan
August 2003
Primary view of The impact of leisure travelers' characteristics on hotel Website attributes preference.
Zhang, Li
December 2004
Primary view of Nutritional Labeling on Menus in Full-Service Restaurants: Consumer Attitudes and Intended Usage
Foster, Charles R.
August 2005
Primary view of Customer Perceptions of Fairness in Hotel Revenue Management.
Sanghavi, Punit
December 2005
Primary view of The Impact of Career Motivation and Polychronicity on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention among Hotel Industry Employees
Jang, Jichul
August 2008
Primary view of Indian tourists' motivation, perception, and satisfaction of Bangkok,Thailand.
Siri, Raktida
May 2009
Primary view of Taiwanese Cruisers in North America: An Empirical Analysis of Their Motivations, Involvement, and Satisfaction
Huang, Taiyi
August 2009
Primary view of Development of a Test Blueprint for a Hospitality Management Capstone Course to Measure Programmatic Student Learning Outcomes
Stevenson, Jackie M.
May 2010
Primary view of Impact of Congruence Between Self-disclosed Personal Information and Review on Source Credibility in Online Travel Reviews
Park, Hee Lye
May 2012
Primary view of An Assessment of Fruit Offerings for 7Th and 8Th Grade Students in Texas
Paschal, Ryan Tyler
August 2012
Primary view of Provision of Mature Traveler Desired Services and Attributes by Hotel Type and Size
Potter, Virgil E. (Virgil Eugene)
December 1994
Primary view of Characteristics of Four-Year Baccalaureate Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management Programs
Kirby, Allison D. (Allison Dawn)
August 1996
Primary view of An Exploratory Study of Restaurant Multi-unit Managers’ Development
Lentz, Kathryn J.
May 2014
Primary view of Considering Canine Companionship: An Examination of Dog Owner Travel Desires Using the Model of Goal-Directed Behavior
Krier, J. Leia
December 2014
Primary view of A Study of the Word "Good" Regarding Entry-Level Management Positions from Hospitality Recruiter and Hospitality Student Perspectives
Wood, Stacey
May 2016
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Digital and Paper Restaurant Menus Based on Customer Perception and Nutritional Labeling
Moody, Bailey M.
December 2016
Primary view of Students' Perceptions on the Curriculum and their Intentions to Work in the Sustainable Industry
Njeri, Millicent
May 2018