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Primary view of Self-Esteem, Sex Roles, and Fundamentalist Religious Belief
Zervopoulos, John Anthony
May 1980
Primary view of Repression-Sensitization and External-Internal Dimensions of Millon's Personality Typology
Heath, Robert Steven
August 1982
Primary view of Measurement of Attitudes Toward Feminism
Tofte-Tipps, Sharry J.
August 1978
Primary view of Learned Helplessness in Rats: The Effects of Electroconvulsive Shock in an Animal Model of Depression
Thrasher, Ronald Keith
August 1979
Primary view of A Comparison of the Moral Judgements of Males and Females as a Function of Merging Sex Roles
McGraw, Phillip C., 1950-
August 1976
Primary view of Theories Contrasted: Rudy's Variability in the Associative Process (V.A.P.) and Martin's Encoding Variability
Fuhr, Susan R.
December 1976
Primary view of A Self-Control Approach to Weight Control
Gardner, Jimmy N.
December 1976
Primary view of The Application of Group Contingent Reinforcement to Retarded Adults
Newman, Jan
May 1976
Primary view of Identification of Ego States and Early Parent-Child Relationships
Munday, Jim
August 1974
Primary view of Sex Dimension of the Dogmatism Scale: A Factor Analysis
Gordon, William Knox
May 1974
Primary view of Changes in Racial Attitudes as a Function of Personality Characteristics and Exposure to a Competent Black
Myers, Emilie J. (Emilie Joyner)
December 1981
Primary view of Effects of Amount of Postshift Training on Resistance to Extinction
Wheeler, Royce Lee
May 1974
Primary view of Precluding the S- in Establishing Color Discriminations in Autistic Children
Buck, Raymond W.
May 1975
Primary view of The Effects of Incentive and Frustrative Cues on the Acquisition of an Alleyway Running Response in Rats
Morey, John Christopher
May 1974
Primary view of An Application of Geometric Principles to the Place-Versus-Response Issue
Williams, John Burgess
May 1974
Primary view of A Comparison of Group Systematic Desensitization, Group Covert Positive Reinforcement, and Test-Retest in the Treatment of Test Anxiety
Smith, William Michael
May 1974