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Primary view of Genotypic Handedness, Memory, and Cerebral Lateralization
Perotti, Laurence Peter
August 1980
Primary view of A Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology Approach to the Classification of Separation-Individuation in the Adult
Little, Myrna M. (Myrna Marie)
August 1982
Primary view of Physiological Responses to Affective Stimuli of Obese and Nonobese Females Differing in Dietary Restraint
Framer, Edward Marc
May 1981
Primary view of Programming Generalization: A Comparison of Behavioral and Cognitive Response Transfer Operations in Assertive Training
Lefebvre, Richard Craig
May 1981
Primary view of The Use of Imagery for the Control of Experimentally Induced Pain: Prescribed Versus Individualized Imagery
Winslow, Chester Douglas
December 1982
Primary view of A Comparison of Homosexual and Heterosexual Attitudes Toward the Etiology and the Public Practice of Homosexuality
Myers, Emilie J. (Emilie Joyner)
August 1983
Primary view of The Relationship Between Participant's Gender, Situational Events and Liberal Versus Conservative Attitudes Toward Women and Differences in Perceptions of Spouse Abuse
Mandle, Barbara Miller
May 1985
Primary view of Relationships of Sex-Role Identification, Self-Esteem and Attitudes Toward Women to Responses on a Scale of Sexist Humor
Gravley, Norma J. (Norma Jean)
August 1983
Primary view of Type A Behavior and Social Support in Coronary Heart Patients
General, Dale A.
August 1983