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Primary view of Full Costing in the Petroleum Industry and its Implications for Accounting Principles and Practices
Klingstedt, John P.
May 1969
Primary view of The Effects of Water Pollution Control Laws on Industrial Plant Location
Montgomery, Austin Homer, 1928-
May 1969
Primary view of Materials Acquisition Cycles for Manufacturing Firms
Thompson, George H. (George Hutchinson)
May 1969
Primary view of Investing and Hedging Techniques in the Convertible Bond Market
Vinson, Charles E. (Charles Eldred)
June 1969
Primary view of Development of a Generalized Approach to Establishing Work Measurement Programs in Commercial Banks
Caruth, Donald L.
January 1970
Primary view of A New Gravitational Approach to Least Transportation Cost Warehouse Location
Van Auken, Stuart, 1941-
May 1970
Primary view of An Empirical Study of the Performance of the Unit Commercial Banking System of the State of Texas
Powell, Richard Vernon
August 1970
Primary view of A New Methodology for Measuring Market Potential and for Determining the Validity of Existing Market Segments
Anderson, Robert Lee, 1940-
August 1971
Primary view of Optimization Theory in Administrative Analysis
Brown, Kenneth Sherron
August 1970
Primary view of Impact of the Policies of the National Government on the Organization of Business and Management Styles in India
Khan, Mohamed Afzal
May 1972
Primary view of A Study of Proposed Mandatory Unit Pricing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Barry, Thomas E., 1943-
August 1971
Primary view of Purchasing Power Parity : An Examination of Domestic Inflation Versus the Cumulative External Balances of Twenty Countries, 1949-1968
Ferguson, Robert Irving
August 1971
Primary view of An Investigation of Preadolescent Children's Attitudes toward Television Commercials
Ferguson, Clara Potter
August 1973
Primary view of The Impact of the Cost Schedule Control Systems Criteria on Electronics and Aerospace Contractors
Richardson, Gary Lowell
August 1970
Primary view of Community Leadership and Economic Growth
Jones, Hubert Kelly
December 1970
Primary view of A Comparison of Elderly Segments on Prepurchase Information Sources
Utecht, Richard Lee
August 1987
Primary view of The Separation of Rehabilitation from Production Costs in the Vocational Rehabilitation Workshop
Houston, William Stanley, 1936-
August 1972
Primary view of The Impact of Non-monetary Performance Measures Upon Budgetary Decision Making in the Public Sector
Reed, Sarah Auman
May 1984
Primary view of A Study of Contemporary Franchising, with Particular Emphasis on Factors Leading to the Repurchase of Fast-Food Service Franchises
Tinnery, Terry Jack, 1942-
August 1972
Primary view of The Total Quality Approach to Transistor Testing and Device Allocation
Novak, Jarry Vaclav
May 1971
Primary view of A System of Selection and Human Resource Development for Small Retailers of Apparel and Accessories
Burr, Patricia LeMay
May 1973
Primary view of An Evaluation of an Integrated Didactic and Experimental Training Approach for the Interpersonal Skills of Sheltered Workshop Supervisors
Kelley, Nelson Lane, 1937-
December 1970
Primary view of An Analysis of Administrative Information-Handling Technologies and Strategies for Developing Integrated Office Systems in Texas-Based Public Corporations
Nash, Bernard A. (Bernard Alfred)
August 1980
Primary view of The Banker's Acceptance: An Examination and Analysis of the Instrument and Market
Wilson, Hoyet W.
May 1980