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Primary view of Requirements for Business Degrees in Texas' Largest Colleges and Universities
Shepard, Haggard G.
Primary view of A Survey to Determine the Relationshiops of Certain Factors to Success in Elementary College Accounting at North Texas State College
Brooks, Paul A.
Primary view of A Proposed Curriculum at North Texas State College School of Business for Training Business Managers for the Public Schools of Texas
Gillen, Norman K.
Primary view of Wholesale Quarterly Prices of Fifty Leading Commodities Adjusted to the Purchasing Power of the 1926 Dollar and Charted as a Ratio of all Commodity Prices for the Period 1940 through 1949
Helm, Rufus G.
Primary view of A Study of How Business Education Conferences Can Promote Better Business Education in the State of Texas
Smith, Woodie McConnell
Primary view of The Role of the State Supervisor in Business Education
Kemper, Troy David
Primary view of Growth Based on Corporate Profits for Selected Periods, 1925-1954
Eldridge, Thomas Edwin
Primary view of A Comparison of Insurace Curricula of Accredited Colleges and Universities in Texas with the Curricula Recommended by 100 Selected Insurance Companies Operating in the State of Texas
Lyles, Henry Francis
Primary view of A Comparison of Selected Factors in Undergraduate Programs in Business Teacher Education in Texas with Criteria Recommended for Business Teacher Education, 1956
Otey, Evelyn I.
Primary view of The Effect of Personality Characteristics on Information Selection, Utilization and Decision-Making
Carothers, Samuel Gilbert, 1938-
December 1972
Primary view of A study of personnel policies in North Texas State Teachers College as compared with those of twenty-five other institutions of higher learning
Collins, Lonnie Millard
August 1947