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Primary view of Virial Theorem for a Molecule
Ranade, Manjula A.
May 1972
Primary view of A Study of Solar Cosmic Ray Flare Effects
Keath, Edwin P. (Edwin Paul), 1938-
May 1971
Primary view of A Collisional Mechanism in the Ion-Solid Interaction Which Enhances Scattering Yields Near 180⁰
Holland, Orin Wayne
December 1980
Primary view of Picosecond Measurement of Nonlinear Diffusion and Recombination Processes in Germanium
Moss, Steven Charles
May 1981
Primary view of Operator Gauge Transformations in Nonrelativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
Gray, Raymond Dale
December 1982
Primary view of M-Shell X-Ray Production of Gold, Lead, Bismuth, Uranium for Incident Hydrogen, Helium and Fluorine Ions
Mehta, Rahul
December 1982
Primary view of The Effect of Intervalence-Band Absorption, Auger Recombination, Surface Recombination, Diffusion and Carrier Cooling on the Picosecond Dynamics of Laser-Induced Plasmas in Germanium
Lindle, James Ryan
May 1983
Primary view of Electron-Ion Time-of-Flight Coincidence Measurements of K-K Electron Capture, Cross Sections for Nitrogen, Methane, Ethylene, Ethane, Carbon Dioxide and Argon (L-K) Targets
Toten, Arvel D.
May 1986
Primary view of Photon Exchange Between a Pair of Nonidentical Atoms with Two Forms of Interactions
Golshan, Shahram Mohammad-Mehdi
May 1987
Primary view of Parametric Studies of Picosecond Laser-Induced Breakdown in Fused Quartz and NaCl
Williams, William Ely
December 1984
Primary view of Measurement of the Rate Coefficients for the Bimolecular and Termolecular Charge Transfer Reactions of He₂⁺ with Ne, Ar, N₂, CO, CO₂, and CH₄
Lee, Francis Wha-Pyo
May 1977
Primary view of A Theoretical Investigation of Bound Roton Pairs in Superfluid Helium-4
Cheng, Shih-ta
August 1974
Primary view of Room Temperature Gold-Vacuum-Gold Tunneling Experiments
Teague, E. C. (Edgar Clayton), 1941-
August 1978
Primary view of Density Profile of a Quantized Vortex Line in Superfluid Helium-4
Harper, John Howard
May 1975
Primary view of The Role of Defects in the Quantum Size Effect
Malone, Farris D.
December 1974
Primary view of K-Shell Ionization Cross Sections of Selected Elements from Ag to La for Proton Bombardment from 0.6 to 2.0 MeV
Khelil, Najat Arafat
May 1974
Primary view of Test of Gauge Invariance: Charged Harmonic Oscillator in an Electromagnetic Field
Wen, Chang-tai
August 1980
Primary view of A Calculation of the Excitation Spectrum of Superfluid Helium-4
Goble, Gerald W.
May 1974