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Primary view of Picosecond Measurement of Interband Saturation, Intervalence Band Absorption, and Surface Recombination in Germanium
Perryman, Gary Paul
August 1984
Primary view of Photoconductivity Investigation of Two-Photon Magneto-Absorption, PACRH, and Deep Levels in n-InSb
Goodwin, Mike Watson
May 1982
Primary view of Low-Velocity K-Shell Ionization Cross Sections for Protons, Deuterons and Alpha Particles Bombarding Thin Metal Targets
Rice, Roger Karl
May 1981
Primary view of Infrared-Microwave Double Resonance Probing of the Population-Depopulation of Rotational States in the NO₂ and the SO₂ Molecules
Khoobehi, Bahram
December 1982
Primary view of Picosecond Laser-Induced Transient Gratings and Anisotropic State-Filling in Germanium
Boggess, Thomas F. (Thomas Frederick)
December 1982
Primary view of Linewidth Parameters, Dipole Moments, and Microwave Spectrum of Nitrogen-Substituted Methyl Cyanide
Messer, James Keith
August 1981
Primary view of A Gauge-Invariant Energy Variational Principle Application to Anisotropic Excitons in High Magnetic Fields
Kennedy, Paul K. (Paul Kevin)
December 1983