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Primary view of Study of Some Factors Related to Mutual Friendship on the High School Level
Averitt, Lois Jane
Primary view of Evaluation of the Public-Relations Program of Bowie Public Schools for Two Years
Taliaferro, J. Paul
Primary view of The Relationship Between Mental Ability and Reading Achievement
Primm, Jewel van Landingham
Primary view of A Study of Relationships Between Socio-Economic Status, Popularity, Achievement, and Personality in the Fifth Grade of the Sanger Public School, Sanger, Texas
Gentle, Mary Cathlene
Primary view of To Determine the Status, Methods of Conducting, Functions, and Desirability of Literary Activities in the Programs of Secondary Schools of Central West-Texas
James, Thomas McCurry
Primary view of A Study of the Elementary Science Programs in Leading Schools of Texas and Other Southern States as Compared with the Course of Study from the Thirty-First Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
Kindred, Josie V.
Primary view of A Study of the Laws Governing the Acquisition, Construction, and Use of School Property in Texas
Massey, Gabe Edward
Primary view of Experimental Investigation of the Relation Between Intelligence Quotients, English Scores, Reading Scores, and English Marks at N.T.S.T.C.; and a Suggestion for the Use of These Instruments in Predicting Academic Success in English
Phillips, Annie Pearl
August 1945
Primary view of A History of the Cooke County Library, Gainesville, Texas
Self, Hazel
May 1945
Primary view of A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Stephens County, Texas
Tatum, Leonard Roy
August 1945