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Primary view of The Effects of Traditional Report Cards Upon the Grading of students of South Park Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas
Hackler, Vivien
August 1938
Primary view of A Critical Analysis of a Method of Understanding Children
Minick, Winnie Mallow
Primary view of Giving Non-English Speaking Germans and Japanese a Basic Speaking Ability in English Through Using Only English in the Classroom
Parks, Hugh A.
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Intelligence Quotients and Achievement Scores and Marks in Social Studies, Arithmetic, Physical Education, Elementary Science, and Language Arts in the Sixth Grade of Wolflin School, Amarillo
Peters, Ruby Gray
Primary view of Interesting the Disinterested School Child through Arts and Crafts
Lindsey, Vera Grace
Primary view of An Analysis of some Possible Organizations for the Schools of Wise County, Texas
George, Cecil Bennett
Primary view of A Study of the Effect of Group Guidance Classes on the Attitudes and Personal Adjustments of Sophomore High School Girls
Hatcher, Eva Hortence
Primary view of Developing a Reading Readiness Program in Douglas School, Tyler, Texas
Henley, Bertha Roser
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Dallas Employment Requisites for Stenographers and Secretarial Qualifications of Students at Forest Avenue High School
Fetterman, Ruth Evelyn
Primary view of An Analysis of Certain Factors Associated with Teachers' Use of Credit
Wooden, Henry A.
Primary view of A Suggested Sequence for Using Six Primers Adopted by the State of Texas, Based on the Number of Common Word-Meanings
Hildreth, Rosana Bucher
Primary view of Comparative Studies in Geography -- Textbook and Free Materials Versus Textbook and Library Supplements
Kelsay, Laura E.
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Uses Made of the Radio in the Seventh Grade of the Schools of Hill County
Kirkbride, Martha Frances Cargile
Primary view of Comparison of First-Hand and Vicarious Experiences in Promoting Reading Readiness
Looney, Betty Odell
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Educational Objectives of Grandview, Alvarado, and Surrounding Rural Schools
Martin, Lois Baker
Primary view of To Determine a Sound Method of Distributing the Public School Funds in Texas
Alderdice, Joseph Lloyd
Primary view of Developing a Course of Study for Eighth-Grade Social Science in the Plainview Junior High School, Plainview, Texas
Flowers, Lucile
Primary view of An Evaluation of an Organizational Plan for the Intermediate School of Edinburg, Texas
Newsom, Herman A.
Primary view of Determining the Necessary Changes in Administration Program to Reduce Any Existing Inconsistencies Between Theory and Practice in Typical Rural High Schools in Texas
Phillips, L. O.
Primary view of A Study to Determine the Curriculum Changes Needed, If Any, to Provide a Standard Vocational High School for the Waco State Home, Waco, Texas
Reed, Walter L.
Primary view of Study of Some Factors Related to Mutual Friendship on the High School Level
Averitt, Lois Jane
Primary view of The Effects of Two Types of Teaching Reading Upon Reading Progress, Social Maturity Progress, and Arithmetic Reasoning and Computation
Mathis, Floye
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Two Methods Used in the Teaching of Arithmetic in the Seventh Grade
Maury, Mary Elizabeth
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Pupil-Teacher Ratings of the Amount of Democracy Practiced in the William James Junior High School, Fort Worth, Texas
Mayo, Vera