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Primary view of Integration of Business Training with Business in Wellington, Texas
Allen, O. C.
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Elementary-School Handwriting Program as Offered in Five State Courses of Study
Priddy, Bettie Ward
Primary view of The Determination of the Vocational Opportunities for Commercial Graduates of the Smaller and Medium-Sized High Schools, Together with Suggestions for Changes in the Curricula of the High Schools for Lafayette County, Missouri
Donohew, Leo E.
Primary view of Methods of County Financing in Relation to County Government in Texas
Yoakum, Gladys A.
Primary view of A Study to Determine the Characteristics of Effective Application Letters for Teachers, with Particular Reference to College Positions, as Influenced by Reports from 65 College and University Presidents and an Analysis of 65 Sample Letters of Application for College Positions
Crittenden, Oda Pauline
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Peters and Pomeroy's Fourth Edition of Commercial Law and Texas Statutes and Rulings and a Texas Supplement Thereto
Gullion, James Paul
Primary view of The Shifting in the Sources of Earnings of Banks since 1935
Peel, Sara Eunice
Primary view of A Suggested Course of Study in the Principles and Problems of Business for the College Student Beginning His Study in Business Education
Hinton, LeRoy Marshall
Primary view of A Survey of Commercial Employees in Gladewater, Texas, with Recommendations for a Commercial Training Program on the Secondary School Level
Bryant, J. D.
Primary view of Occupational Opportunities and Requirements for Business Office and Sales Employment in Kingsville, Texas
Waggoner, Markay
Primary view of The Evolution and Present Status of Accident and Health Insurance in the United States
Watson, Gracie Fay
Primary view of A Comparison of the Learning Difficulties Between Gregg Shorthand and Thomas Natural Shorthand
Serren, Myrtle
Primary view of Survey of Department Store Employment in the Cities of Dallas, Sherman, Denison, and Denton, Texas
Sullivan, Henry L.
Primary view of The Development and Application of a Rating Scale for the Evaluation of Business Arithmetic Textbooks
Adams, Raymond
Primary view of Secretarial and Stenographic Duties and Qualifications in  Department Stores in Dallas and Fort Worth
Landes, J. D.
Primary view of A Study of Essential Principles of Secretarial Training with Problem Material on a Collegiate Level
McCarty, Catherine Louise
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Qualifications and Duties of City School Superintendents' Secretaries in Oklahoma
Glenn, Della Ola
Primary view of A Suggested Course in Consumer Education for Secondary Schools Based on Data Taken from Certain Textbooks and Courses of Study
Belew, Ruby
Primary view of The Evolution and Present Form of Automobile Insurance in the State of Texas
Callaway, Louis F.
Primary view of Commercial Job Opportunity Survey of McAllen, Texas
Jones, Willie W.
August 1941
Primary view of An Analysis of the Dallas Morning News Used Car Advertisements of Twenty Automobile Dealers for the Month of April
Evans, Ralph L.
August 1940