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Primary view of A Discrimination of Software Implementation Success Criteria
Pryor, Alan N.
August 1999
Primary view of An investigation of technical support issues influencing user satisfaction
Gutierrez, Charletta Frances
May 2000
Primary view of An Analysis of the Effect of Environmental and Systems Complexity on Information Systems Failures
Zhang, Xiaoni
August 2001
Primary view of IS-MBNQA: A new framework for the relationship between Information Systems and organizational quality.
Chong, Hyonsong
December 2001
Primary view of Critical Success Factors in Data Mining Projects.
Sim, Jaesung
August 2003
Primary view of An investigation of success metrics for the design of e-commerce Web sites.
Cutshall, Robert C.
May 2004
Primary view of An Examination of the Effect of Decision Style on the Use of a Computerized Project Management Tool
Fox, Terry L., 1963-
August 1997
Primary view of Comparisons of Neural Networks, Shewhart ‾x, and CUSUM Control Charts Under the Condition of Nonnormality
Yi, Junsub
August 1997
Primary view of Robustness of Parametric and Nonparametric Tests When Distances between Points Change on an Ordinal Measurement Scale
Chen, Andrew H. (Andrew Hwa-Fen)
August 1994
Primary view of The Effects of Using Information Technology to Support Evaluation of Feedback and Implementation of Adjustments in an Organization's Strategic Planning Process
Kemm, Elizabeth
May 1997
Primary view of Information System Quality: An Examination of Service-Based Models and Alternatives
Maples, Glenn (Glenn Edward)
August 1997
Primary view of Robustness of the One-Sample Kolmogorov Test to Sampling from a Finite Discrete Population
Tucker, Joanne M. (Joanne Morris)
December 1996
Primary view of Comparing the Powers of Several Proposed Tests for Testing the Equality of the Means of Two Populations When Some Data Are Missing
Dunu, Emeka Samuel
May 1994
Primary view of Client/Server Systems Performance Evaluation Measures Use and Importance: a Multi-Site Case Study of Traditional Performance Measures Applied to the Client/Server Environment
Posey, Orlando Guy
May 1999
Primary view of The Role of Electronic Messaging in the Intermediate Business Context
Case, Carl Jay
May 1996
Primary view of The Role of Information Technology Support Mechanisms in Coordination Management for Virtual Teams
Yager, Susan Elizabeth
December 1998
Primary view of An Examination of Electronic Commerce and the Internet : Role of Technology, Critical Success Factors and Business Strategy
Tabor, Sharon W.
December 1997
Primary view of The Impact of Multimedia on Information Scanning Effectiveness: an Empirical Study in an Executive Support Systems Environment
Huang, Hsin-Chih
May 1996
Primary view of The Relationships of Cross-Cultural Differences to the Values of Information Systems Professionals within the Context of Systems Development
Holmes, Monica C. (Monica Cynthia)
December 1995
Primary view of A Case Study of the Use of Activity-Based Analysis as an Information Resource Management Tool
Arnett, Charles A. (Charles Augustus)
December 1994
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of Detail Design Tools and Cognitive Style of Software Developers
Flores-Rosales, Oscar
May 1992
Primary view of Mathematical Programming Approaches to the Three-Group Classification Problem
Loucopoulos, Constantine
August 1993
Primary view of Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Its Application to Software Engineering in a Case Environment
Bailey, Janet L.
May 1997
Primary view of The Effects of Alternative Presentation Formats on Biases and Heuristics in Human Decision Making
Van Dyke, Thomas P. (Thomas Peter)
May 1996