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UNT Libraries: TRAC Conformance Document

Description: The UNT Libraries: TRAC Conformance Document is designed to supplement and provide extended reference to the UNT Libraries’ TRAC Audit Checklist (Appendix A), which outlines the requirements of a Trusted Digital Repository. The self assessment of the UNT Libraries and its Digital Collections encompasses an evaluation of its associated policies, procedures, workflows, modelling, and technical infrastructure in the TRAC audit process.
Date: October 2015
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward; Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Krahmer, Ana; Tarver, Hannah & Waugh, Laura

Impediments, Partners, and Proposals: Preparing Graduate Students to Start Their Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Description: Presentation for the 2018 Transforming Libraries for Graduate Students Conference. This presentation shares the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries’ experience of creating and refashioning workshops to prepare graduate students to write their dissertation or thesis proposals.
Date: March 23, 2018
Creator: O'Toole, Erin

Electronic Course Reserves, Copyright Law, and Cambridge University Press v. Becker

Description: This document is part of a series of white papers on various copyright issues. This section revisit the current e-course reserves policy, which allows faculty members to make some readings available for electronic reserve. It uses the case from the 11th Circuit which may clarify how schools can use electronic course reserves.
Date: January 2018
Creator: Wolfson, Stephen M.

Oral History Collection

Description: Text regarding the Oral History Collection at North Texas State University. It describes the committee behind the collection and the oral history subcollections. An index of the collection begins on page 11.
Date: April 1980
Creator: North Texas State University

“The Sun told me I would be restored to life”: Native American Near- Death Experiences, Shamanism, and Religious Revitalization Movements

Description: This article discusses near-death experiences as a central theme of Native American afterlife beliefs, and Native Americans' response to Christian missionaries. It argues that NDEs and socio-politcal factors can explain Native American religious revitalization movements and beliefs in general.
Date: Spring 2016
Creator: Shushan, Gregory

After-Death Communication: A Typology of Therapeutic Benefits

Description: Using semi-structured interviews, the article assesses the nature of after-death communication (ADC) experience, how participants felt about it, and how it impacted their bereavement. Results revealed that participants were unanimous in believing ADC to be beneficial, and participants experienced three themes: comfort, personal and relational continuation, and personal development.
Date: Spring 2016
Creator: McCormick, B. M. E. & Tassell-Matamua, Natasha A.

Everything Less Vast Than Love—Let Go Of

Description: Haj Ross is an almost completely unpublished poet, and a completely amateur artist. However, since around 1970, when he discovered blending colors with artist markers, he has done more painting than poeming. In this book, he has tried to let these two of his art forms talk to, and look like, each other.
Date: May 2018
Creator: Ross,Haj

Music Copyright: Unraveling the Weirdness

Description: This document is part of a series of white papers on various copyright issues. A copyright license is a contract to use a work in certain limited ways. Because copyright grants authors a “bundle of rights” over their works, rights holders can choose how other people can use any or all of those 11 rights without giving away their entire copyrights. They use licenses to do this. This section will address several ways that licensing is unique for music copyright and introduce four licenses that are common in this space.
Date: March 2018
Creator: Wolfson, Stephen M.

3DHotbed Project 2017-2018 Update

Description: Presentation for the 2018 Day of Digital Humanities at the University of North Texas Libraries. This presentation provides an overview of the 3D History of the Book Education (3D Hotbed) project and an update on future developments.
Date: March 6, 2018
Creator: McIntosh, Marcia; Jacobs, Courtney E. & O'Sullivan, Kevin

Sustaining your Organization’s Future: Mentoring and Succession Planning in Libraries

Description: Webinar for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. This presentation discusses results of a recent survey of librarians on the prevalence of succession and mentoring plans in academic, public, school, and special libraries, and includes conclusions, best practices, and takeaways for increased mentoring and succession planning
Date: March 14, 2018
Creator: Leuzinger, Julie & Rowe, Jennifer