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Differences in Personality Characteristics among Two Groups of Art Majors Varying in Creativity and a Control Group

Description: The present study is somewhat exploratory in nature in that it is interested in determining some of the factors which correlate with creativity. The study will limit itself to investigating the factors measured by Cattell's Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire as they relate to creativity among high and low Creative art majors and non-art majors. To this end, it is hypothesized that a difference will be found among the mean scores of the three groups for at least thirteen of the sixteen factors.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Allred, Raymond Coye, 1930-

Changes in Attitudes, Personality, and Effectiveness of Counselor Trainees in Counseling Practicums

Description: The purpose of this study was to compare three different approaches to the counselor practicum—-or campus practicum, an off-campus practicum, and a role-playing practicum—-with regard to the changes in attitudes, personality, and effectiveness of counseling behavior of counselor trainees produced by each type of practicum.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Anderson, Sharon Jane

The Effect of Early Loss of Father Upon the Personality of Boys and Girls in Late Adolescence

Description: It was the purpose of this study to determine whether the early loss of the father is conducive to injury of personality development of boys and girls, which injury may still be evident in late adolescence, the crucial time in life when educational, vocational and other important decisions are being made.
Date: January 1967
Creator: Baggett, Allen Thomas, 1905-

The Predictive Value of an English Achievement Test for Grades in Modern Foreign Languages

Description: This study has as its objectives: (1) the determination of the degree of relationship between achievement in the study of English as measured by a standardized English achievement test and achievement in the study of foreign languages as measured by teacher's grades; (2) the determination of the amount of contribution to such a relationship of the achievement in various functional areas in the study of English as measured by the subtests of the English achievement test.
Date: January 1964
Creator: Barnard, William Kenneth

Some Comparisons between Conventional College Teaching Methods and a Composite of Procedures Involving Large Lecture Groups, Seminars, and Reduced Class Time

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the differences in achievement, critical thinking, and attitude toward subjects of junior college freshmen which could be attributed to two approaches to the teaching of English composition and American history. The purpose of the study was to yield information for use as the basis for administrative and instructional judgments concerning pupil deployment, and plant and staff utilization.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Bean, Alvin T. (Alvin Truett)

A Comparative Study of Anxiety between Science and Art Majors

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the levels of anxiety in college freshmen and seniors from the Departments of Science and Art at North Texas State College by using the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale. It is hoped that the findings uncovered by this study will be of help to others interested in investigating and exploring this area.
Date: May 1960
Creator: Benningfield, Milo Francis

A Study of the Practices of Social Studies Teachers in Selected Texas Elementary Schools

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the relationship between practices reported by elementary school teachers of social studies in selected Texas counties and practices recommended by national social studies education specialists, and college professors of elementary education in selected texas colleges and universities.
Date: August 1969
Creator: Blesh, Robert Heltman

The Effect of Two Methods of Programming upon the Development of the Orchestra in a Secondary School

Description: The present study was designed for the purpose of comparing the effectiveness of two methods of orchestral programming, demonstration and non-demonstration, upon (1) the musical perception of the members of a student body audience, and (2) the attitudes of the members of a student body toward orchestra as a school subject. This comparison of demonstration and non-demonstration programming involved the question concerning the effectiveness of instructive listening as compared with free listening in the development of musical perception and attitudes. The problem of the present study is presented in the following major areas: (1) musical perception, end (2) attitudes.
Date: June 1966
Creator: Boney, Joan Ellen, 1937-

The Relation of Sociometric Status, Frequency of Verbalizations, and a Measure of Self-Actualization

Description: It is felt that additional research concerning the relationship of mental health to sociometric status is needed in view of the fact that Mill concluded that the Rorschach variables were not sufficiently sensitive for group comparison. The POI, an objectively scored test, was selected for the purpose of the present study.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Boozer, Howard O.

A Study of Guilt and Anxiety as Related to Certain Psychological and Sociological Variables

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the relationship between guilt and anxiety as well as the relationship of these factors to certain psychological and sociological variables. The variables were sex, ordinal position, marital status, education, religious beliefs, church attendance, happiness of childhood, discipline from parents, happiness now, parental happiness, parental education, and parental occupation.
Date: June 1967
Creator: Bradbury, Beverly Ray

Teacher Selection Practices in Texas Public Schools

Description: The problem of this study was the identification of practices which, in the opinions of school administrators, practicing teachers, and a jury of experts in the field of school administration, are useful to the selection of teachers for Texas Public Schools. Identifiable practices in this study were categorized into two major areas: informational items and procedural items.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Brooks, Paul Allison

An Investigation of the Effects of Deferred Rush and Pledging on a Group of Freshmen at Southern Methodist University

Description: Since the initial experiences of the college freshman were regarded as critical to his personal and social adjustment, the present study had as its primary purpose the investigation of the effects of deferred rush and pledging on a student's first year as Southern Methodist University. More specifically, the study investigated the effects of deferred rush and pledging on the following factors: 1. The effect on academic achievement of a selected group of freshmen. 2. The effect on the drop-out rate of a selected group of freshmen. 3. The effect on the extent to which a selected group of freshmen use the University Health Center. 4. The effect on the extent to which a selected group of freshmen used the Psychological Services of the University.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Bryson, Fred, Wylie, 1922-

Educational Background and Judgment Ability in a Group of 300 Delinquent Boys as Reflected by the Information and Comprehension Subtest of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

Description: It was the purpose of this study to attempt to discover if the educational background and judgment ability of juvenile delinquents are markedly impaired, as indicated by the Information and Comprehension subtest scores of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Buresh, Martin C.

The Effectiveness of a Self-Instructional Approach to Teaching a College French Diction Course for Vocal Music Students

Description: The primary purpose of the study was to test a self-instructional approach to teaching a college French diction course to determine if it would equal or surpass in effectiveness a course taught by a traditional approach. The study sought to provide a partial solution to the problems of the increasing student-teacher ration in colleges, and of the individualization of teaching students who have various learning rates and backgrounds.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Capps, Verl L. (Verl Lindel)

The Relationship between Certain Factors of Late and Regular Registrants

Description: The purpose of the study is to determine if significant differences and relationships exist between students who enrolled late and those who enrolled on time at Tarleton State College between the years 1955-1962 inclusive. The study involves comparing the records of 325 freshman and sophomore students who registered late with those of 325 matched freshman and sophomore students who enrolled on time.
Date: May 1964
Creator: Chilton, Bradley Stuart, 1927-

Predicting Student Teaching Behavior from Needs Profiles by Comparison with Sociometrically Defined Groups

Description: The problem of this study was the prediction of aggressive, submissive, and normal student teaching behavior by the use of needs profiles from sociometrically defined groups of education students. The criteria profiles were constructed using beginning education students, and prediction was made on a student teaching population.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Clary, Eldon Gandy

The Effects of Four Short Duration Exercise Routines on Physical Fitness of Male Junior College Students

Description: The purposes of this study are 1) to investigate the development of physical fitness through the medium of fifteen-minute exercise routines in junior college physical education classes; 2) to determine the relationship between each of four exercise routines and the improvement of physical development in a specific body area; and 3) to compare the results of intensive, isometric, calisthenic, and continuous exercise routines to determine if any one routine was of greater value to three alternate routines in assisting the individual to attain a higher degree of physical fitness development.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Cole, Francis Vernon

A Study on the Stability of Self-concept

Description: There are two major purposes of this study. First, it will attempt to ascertain whether self-concept, as measured by a self-concept scale, will fluctuate significantly due to a recent ego inflating or deflating experience, and if so, how lasting and in what areas are the effects. Secondly, it will note whether or not the low self-concept individual is more susceptible to changes in self-concept due to these environmental changes than the high self-concept individual.
Date: January 1964
Creator: Collman, Robert Bernard