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Perceived Importance of the Characteristics and Functions of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Description: The purpose of this study was two-fold: to identify role functions and characteristics perceived as important to Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) in Texas, and to identify differences in perceived importance of role functions and characteristics of ANPs according to gender, educational preparation, practice setting, and whether the practitioner entered practice before or after the current rules and regulations for ANP practice were adopted. Two questionnaires and a demographic data form were mailed to 300 ANPs in primary health care in Texas, with 152 responding. Data from the questionnaire, "Characteristics of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner," were analyzed using independent group t-tests. The findings indicated that the characteristics "person-oriented," "perceptive," and "skilled in problem-solving" were the most valued by the practitioners, while aggressive" was the least valued. Independent group t-tests were used to analyze data from the instrument, "Advanced Nurse Practitioner Functions." The results of this analysis were not significant. The Chi square test was used to further examine data from this questionnaire to determine if the responses differed from chance. With the exception of four items, all of the responses differed significantly from chance. The responses "extremely important or important" were selected significantly more frequently that any of the other options. Not appropriate," was selected significantly more often than could be expected by chance for two functions: suturing minor lacerations and performing incision and drainage of wounds. Fourteen functions were examined further using frequency, percentage of responses, and the Chi square test to determine if there were differences in responses between groups. There were significant differences in responses between ANPs in nurse-managed settings and those in physician-managed settings on four functions: ordering diagnostic tests, prescribing medications in consultation with a physician, suturing minor lacerations, and performing incision and drainage of wounds. Practice setting and educational preparation were the variables which had ...
Date: December 1987
Creator: Barnes, Ellen Sue M.

Forecasting Future Events Affecting One Institution of Higher Education in the State of Texas: A Delphi Application

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate the possible events in the external environment between 1987 and 1997 that may affect the future of North Texas State University. Two groups of experts participated in the study, a group of individuals from outside North Texas State University and a group of experts from the university.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Bollinger, Julie R., 1952-

Effects of Time Spent on Computer-Assisted Instruction on Attitudes of Sixth Grade Students Toward Computers

Description: The purposes of this study were threefold: (1) to examine the effects of time spent on CAI on student attitudes, (2) to examine the effects of time spent on CAI among ability groups, and (3) to determine whether initial attitudes would be maintained throughout a school year, and if not, determine variables associated with an attitude shift.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Campbell, Penny Renae

Academic Achievement and the Ability of Post-Secondary Students to Read Assigned Materials

Description: This study provides a rationale for adopting course materials. It demonstrates the relationship between ability to read assigned materials and academic achievement, and that selection of materials creates two groups having different probabilities of success. The sample was selected from a population of all students enrolled in Principles of Economics courses at North Texas State University in the spring semester of 1986. The Nelson-Denny Reading Test was used to determine reading ability. Assigned materials were analyzed for readability. A frustration level was determined and used to divide the sample: the group of interest, those with reading abilities below the frustration level who underwent the treatment of reading materials written above their ability to comprehend; and the comparison group, those with reading abilities above the frustration level who did not undergo the treatment.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Cohick, Mikel William

Eutrophication Potential of Reclaimed Wastewater: An Ecological Study of Water Reuse in an Urban Texas Reservoir

Description: This study determined effects of addition of secondarily treated municipal wastewater effluent on an urban reservoir receiving system. Monthly water quality monitoring of the receiving reservoir and the wastewater, chemical analysis, and monthly laboratory algal assays, were conducted from September 1984 to September 1985. The nutrient status and algal growth potential of the receiving water and the wastewater confirmed the biostimulatory properties of the wastewater. Field validation studies were conducted using limnocorrals. Tertiary treatment of the wastewater using chemical coagulation precipitation with alum and ferric chloride reduced phosphorus concentrations in the wastewater to levels which supported significantly less algal biomass than untreated wastewater. These studies indicate ferric chloride to be a more effective coagulant for phosphorous removal alum.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Dodson, Susan Boyd

Goals of Behavior, Social Interest and Parent Attitudes in an Alternative School

Description: This study investigated whether students in an Alternative School differed significantly from students who remain on a regular high school campus on measures of goals of misbehavior which included the factors of attention, power, revenge, inadequacy, and on measures of social interest. This study also investigated whether the attitudes of parents of Alternative School students differed significantly from the attitudes of parents of regular campus students on the factors of confidence, causation, acceptance, understanding and trust.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Downing, Rebecca

Imaginative Involvement and Hypnotic Susceptibility

Description: J. Hilgard (1970, 1972, 1974, 1979), utilizing an interview format, asserted that a personality variable, namely, an individual's capacity to become imaginatively involved in experiences outside of hypnosis, was significantly correlated with his or her hypnotic susceptibility. Tellegen and Atkinson (1974) operationalized the imaginative involvement variable in a 37-item questionnaire, the Tellegen Absorption Scale (TAS) that correlated significantly with hypnotic susceptibility (e.g., Crawford, 1982). However, Council, Kirsch, and Hafner (1986) suggested that the relationship between the TAS and hypnotic susceptibility is a context-mediated artifact in that the two correlate only when the TAS is administered within a context clearly identified as involving hypnosis. As the interviews conducted by J. Hilgard (1970, 1972, 1974, 1979) were done within a context clearly identified as involving hypnosis, the possibility exists that the relationship between imaginative involvement and hypnotic susceptibility is also a context-mediated artifact. In a test of this possibility, 86 subjects were interviewed concerning their imaginative involvements. Forty-three subjects were interviewed within a context defined as "research investigating hypnosis" and 43 subjects were interviewed within a context defined as "research investigating imagination." Hypnotic susceptibility was assessed in sessions separate from the interviews. In the present study, an individual's hypnotic susceptibility was not found to be significantly related to his or her imaginative involvement. It appears J. Hilgard's original finding may have been due to chance correlations compounded by subsequent experimenter expectancy effects. It is recommended that J. Hilgard's work be clarified through more extensive replications in which experimenter blindness is assured.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Drake, Stephen Douglas

Dispute Resolution Studies in the Institutions of Higher Learning: an Initial Investigative Study of Professors' Attitudes

Description: Conflict is present in all human relationships and societies. Throughout history, fighting has been more notable than peacemaking. Only recently have conflict resolution studies entered the mainstream of academia. Since peace is no longer an option, but a necessity, educators must become actively engaged in promoting the importance of peacemaking skills among their students. In 1986, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution funded a study of conflict resolution in higher education. Results disclosed a proliferation of courses but little about their quality. The present study evaluates the status of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the curricula of three major universities in North Texas and compares it with results from four other universities which were reported to have the heaviest concentration of ADR courses. A questionnaire was constructed to collect data in the following areas: place, significance of ADR in contemporary curricula, important factors determining attitudes toward ADR, and expectations/aspirations of faculty concerning teaching of ADR. Using a Likert scale, attitudes toward ADR were measured through regression analysis. Four of seven independent variables (age, sex, political orientation, and ADR training) were significant at jd = .05. Forty ADR-related courses were identified in seven universities. The concentration of ADR courses was management (35%), law (28%), sociology (23%), business (8%), and political science (8%). No courses were identified by anthropology departments. Results also reveal that the older, liberal, female, and ADR-ski lied individuals exhibit more favorable attitudes towards ADR. The study concludes that (a) concentrated efforts should be increased to teach and train educators in ADR, (b) mediation centers should be created on university campuses, and (c) an ADR communications network and data bank should be established among universities in order to allow faculty, students, practitioners, and administrators to share information. A partial list of organizations involved in peace issues and resources for ...
Date: December 1987
Creator: Ghadrshenass, Delavar

The Attitudes of International Students Toward University Withdrawal

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine if significant differences existed in attitudes of international students concerning college withdrawal. Data collection involved 200 freshmen international students from two universities in Texas. Two questionnaires were distributed to the students to determine attitudes toward college withdrawal. The instrument used to score the attitudes was the Purdue Master Attitude Scale. The analysis of variance was used for the statistical evaluation. The statistics indicated there was no significant differences between the students tested in the study and that the students had favorable attitudes toward college and unfavorable attitudes toward college withdrawal. Based on the findings of this study, universities should devise an extensive counseling and orientation program in order to provide students opportunities to complete their college education.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Ghoreyshi, Mohammad

A Study of Retention and Attrition Among First Time College Freshmen at North Texas State University

Description: This study was designed to examine freshman students at North Texas State University and to determine some of the factors contributing to attrition and retention. The instrument used in the study was the Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ). The instrument was created to aid the objective assessment knowledge relating to student retention and attrition. The categories of knowledge selected included demographics, individual attributes, family background, and educational experience.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Gonzales, Joseph L. (Joseph Louis)

Ability Grouping in College Beginning Media Writing Classes

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that students of unequal writing ability are frequently placed in the same beginning media writing classes in college journalism. It is difficult for a teacher to be effective when the ability of the students ranges from those who cannot write clear complete sentences to others whose work already appears in newspapers and magazines. The purpose of this study is to determine whether students who are ability grouped into slow—average and advanced groups do the same, better, or worse than heterogeneously grouped students. In the spring semester of 1987, students in Journalism 1345, Media Writing laboratory, at the University of Texas at Arlington, were given a pretest to determine how well they wrote a simple news story and a simple feature story. On the basis of that test, which was graded by three raters, the students were placed in two separate ability groups in three classes. The fourth class contained students with heterogeneous abilities who were not placed in groups. At the end of the semester a posttest was given in news and feature writing. A two-way analysis of variance was used to analyze the posttest scores of sixty-seven students. There was no significant difference in the posttest scores of students who were grouped homogeneously and those who were grouped heterogeneously. The difference in the scores of heterogeneously grouped advanced students and homogeneously grouped advanced students was not significantly different from the difference between the posttest scores of heterogeneously grouped slow-average students and homogeneously grouped slow-average students.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Haber, Marian Wynne

Strategic Planning in Higher Education: A Study of Application in Texas Senior Colleges and Universities

Description: The problem with which the four-phase descriptive study was concerned is the extent of application of strategic planning by senior colleges and universities in Texas. The purpose was to analyze and describe the status of the planning based on the perceptions of the respondents and a specific set of characteristics validated by twenty experts.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Harris, Shirlene W. (Shirlene Wynell)

An Investigation of the Needs for Music-Related Content in the Bible College Pastoral Curriculum as Perceived by a Selected Group of Pastors

Description: The purpose of the study was to investigate the needs for music-related content in the Bible college pastoral curriculum as perceived by a selected group of pastors. The research problems were (1) to assess the extent of musical preparation of recent pastoral graduates from selected accredited Bible colleges in the United States, (2) to assess the music-related duties of those graduates in paid pastoral positions, (3) to assess the pastors' perceived needs for instructional preparation for the fulfillment of their musical duties, and (4) to determine the effect of selected factors on the perceived needs of those pastors.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Hui, Andrew

The Educational Opportunity Act of 1984: A Study of Legislative Politics

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of identifying and assessing degrees of influence of environmental conditions and actors which influenced the passage of House Bill 72 by the Texas legislature. The two methods used to collect this data were personal interviews of key actors in the legislative process and a questionnaire administered to all members of the 68th Texas legislature.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Jackson, Martha J. (Martha Jane), 1949-

Factors of Depression in the Elderly: Assessment and Implications for Diagnosis

Description: The problem of assessment and diagnosis of depression in the elderly begins with the definition of depression being indefinite. In this study, the theory of learned helplessness was chosen because of its value in organizing research within a learning theory framework. The Beck Depression Inventory, measures of fluid and crystallized intellectual ability, locus of control, and attribution of success and failure were chosen as variables for an exploratory factor analysis. The purpose of selecting these variables was to assess the cognitive, motivational, and affective components of learned helplessness as they affected the responses of elderly subjects to depression items. Self report measures of income, education, and health, were included to assess the relationship of these variables to depression. A somatic factor was predicted to correlate with an affective factor of depression.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Kunsak, Nancy Elizabeth

Opinions of News Media Members Toward Public Higher Education in Texas and Predictions of Those Opinions by College and University Public Relations Directors

Description: The problem of this study was whether differences exist between opinions news media members have toward higher education and the prediction of those opinions by college and university public relations directors. The purposes were to determine if such differences exist and to assess certain demographic factors' roles in journalists' opinions.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Lace, William Worley, 1942-

Les Morceaux de Concours de Flûte du Conservatoire de Paris: A Structural Comparison of Selected Works of Jean-Louis Tulou and Joseph-Henri Altès: A Lecture Recital Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of Mozart, Halffter, Gaubert and Others

Description: The lecture was presented April 7, 1987. This presentation centered on the flute music literature used for the Concours of the Conservatoire de Paris from 1828 through 1893. The historical parameter began with Jean-Louis Tulou's tenure as flute professor at the Conservatoire and ended with Joseph-Henri Altes'tenure in the same capacity. The Concours is an annual performance competition to determine which students on each instrument will graduate from the Conservatoire. The majority of Concours pieces for flute during the tenures of professors from Tulou through Altes were composed by those two men. Short biographies of Tulou and Altes were presented. Discussion of interim professors Victor Coche and Vincent-Joseph Dorus was included, with focus on the role of these two men in bringing acceptance of the Boehm system flute to the Conservatoire. Tulou's fifteen Grands Solos were compared in form, key center and tonal progression. His themes and passagework are constructed to best display the conical-bore, old system-flute with small toneholes. His Solos continued to be used for the Concours, in alternation with Altes', throughout the tenures of both Vincent-Joseph Dorus and Altes. Tulou's Cinquieme Grand Solo was used for more detailed analysis and performance. Altes wrote his Solos de Concours for the Boehm system flute. Idiomatic treatment in composition of themes and passagework, as well as tonal progression in his Solos, was considered. Altes' Methode de flute reveals his views on variety in articulation, use of alternate fingerings, and musical interpretation. Those ideas are reflected in the construction of his Cinquieme Solo de ronrnwr. the example used for more detailed analysis and performance. The discussion was concluded by a comparison of the Solos of Tulou and Altes with regard to form, tonal progression, and idiomatic construction of themes and passagework.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Lattimore, Lee Ian

A Study of the Responsibilities of Department Chairpersons in 5-A Public High Schools in Texas

Description: This study identified and compared the perceptions of department chairpersons and their principals about what responsibilities should be assigned to chairpersons, what responsibilities are currently assigned to chairpersons, and the chairperson' perceived need for any additional training, administrative support, departmental support, or released time in order to fulfill responsibilities currently assigned. Principals and chairpersons from 132 of the 264 5-A public high schools in Texas were surveyed by means of a 61- item questionnaire. The questionnaire included responsibilities in ten areas: planning, evaluation, budgeting, personnel, curriculum and instruction, communications, scheduling, clerical activities, supervision, and advising. Chairpersons from English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies were included in the study. Data collected in the study were keypunched and computer-processed, generating frequencies, percentages, means, and appropriate chi-square tests of independence, and probability factors for determining significance. The following conclusions were drawn from the study. 1. There is substantial agreement between Texas principals and chairpersons about responsibilities that should and should not be assigned to chairpersons in the areas of planning, budgeting, communications, and advising. 2. There is moderate to substantial disagreement . between Texas principals and chairpersons about responsibilities that should and should not be assigned in the areas of evaluation, personnel, curriculum and instruction, and scheduling. 3. There is a general difference perceived by chairpersons in the study between what they think they should be doing as chairpersons and what they are currently assigned to do. 4. There is general agreement among chairpersons from different disciplines about responsibilities that should and should not be assigned to chairpersons in the areas of planning, budgeting, personnel, and advising. 5. Texas chairpersons perceive a greater need for administrative and departmental support than for additional training. 6. Texas department chairpersons perceive responsibilities in the area of evaluation as those for which they ...
Date: December 1987
Creator: Lawrence, Dale R. (Dale Robert)

Sources of Support and Parental Performances a Descriptive Study of Mexican-American Female Single Parents

Description: This is a descriptive study of the statistical association between the amounts of financial—emotional supports available and their impact on the degree of difficulty in the performance of the parental roles of a nonrandom sample of eighty-six Mexican-American female single parents from McAllen, Texas. The sample was divided into four socioeconomic status categories. A total of twenty-nine variables were correlated: twenty independent, financial-emotional and nine dependent parental performance variables. The twenty variables were defined in terms of socioeconomic resources: child-care availability and satisfaction, nature of personal/children problems, and frequency of interaction with significant others defined emotional supports. Parental role performances were defined in terms of having children with medical, learning or emotional problems, and the degree of difficulty in caring for sick children, spending time with them, yelling and screaming, use of corporal punishment and feeling overwhelmed by parental demands. Analyses indicated that these families functioned in a stable and viable manner, with little evidence of disintegration or "pathology." The parents had extensive social networks comprised of kin# coworkers, and friends, and they interacted with these support people on a regular basis, usually several times per week, but at the same time the parents rarely interacted with the ex-husbands or ex-in-laws, The majority of ex—husbands had never made any support payments and rarely saw their children. The single parents did not evidence unmanageable problems in caring for their children, or in asserting control and authority over them. Corporal punishment, yelling and screaming, and other discipline problems were minimal issues, and were not more severe or serious than before the divorce. The mothers were satisfied with the available child-care and the general growth of their children, but felt they continuously carried a tremendous burden, and all indications are that, even with sources of different kinds and levels of support. Finally, a ...
Date: August 1987
Creator: Maldonado, Alfred C.

The Impact on Charitable Classes in Dallas County, Texas, Resulting from Changes in the Tax Economics of Private Philanthropy

Description: Private philanthropy is important in America. In 1985, philanthropy totaled almost 80 billion dollars. Philanthropy is partially a function of price. Absent a tax benefit, the price of charitable giving is unity. When tax benefits are available, the price of cash giving is one minus the marginal tax rate of the donor. Philanthropy is not evenly distributed among all classes of organizations. Changes in tax cost bring about changes in the distribution of gifts among organizations. Predictions have been made of a six to twelve billion dollar decline in individual giving as a result of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The question is, "Whose ox gets gored?" In 1962, the Internal Revenue Service collected data directly linking itemized charitable contributions to class of donee organization. Prior works by Taussig, Schwartz, Feldstein, and Clotfelter have been principally based on this data. Their works document differing elasticities of price on charitable giving. The current research gathered 1985 data on the relationships between income, price, and charitable donee for 298 Dallas County, Texas, taxpayers. Data was obtained from selected certified public accountants in Dallas County who prepared income tax returns for individuals as part of their practice. Two hundred fifty usable responses reflected charitable gifts. The data collected permitted the tax benefit resulting from charitable gifts to be calculated. Income levels and marginal tax rates on those gifts were then correlated with donee organizations using multiple regression analysis. The main effects of price and income on giving were masked by multicollinearity. The interaction effects of price and other independent variables showed little price effect on giving. Only when coupled with the income variable at income levels of $50,000 was the price effect significant.
Date: August 1987
Creator: McClure, Ronnie C. (Ronnie Clyde)

A Weak-Form Efficient Markets Test of the Dallas-Fort Worth Office Properties Real Estate Market

Description: Few areas of research in the finance literature have received greater attention than the efficient market hypothesis. Much of the research has been directed toward the securities market while very little research has been done in the real estate markets. The existing research on real estate market efficiency has been either descriptive or illustrative with very little empirical testing being performed. The major reason for the lack of empirical testing has been the inability to develop an adequate data base. The results of the empirical work that has been done do not support the widely held belief that real estate markets are inefficient. This study, using the autoregressive-integrative-moving average (ARIMA) time series analysis technique, tests the weak-form efficiency of the Dallas-Fort Worth office properties real estate market. According to the weak-form efficient market hypothesis, all price information should be capitalized into current real estate prices and not provide the basis for earning abnormal returns in trading. Price data formed from office building sales dating from January, 1979 to January, 1985 are used to test the market. The data was gathered from the files of several professional appraisal firms located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The transaction information includes (1) transaction price; (2) location of the property; (3) net rentable area; (4) gross income multiplier (GIM); (5) net income multiplier (NIM); and (6) net operating income. The results of the study indicate a lack of significant autocorrelation. This suggests that the Dallas-Fort Worth office properties real estate market is weak-form efficient. As further evidence of weak-form market efficiency, ARIMA models are estimated to predict future sales prices but they are unable to outperform a simple mean series forecast. The results indicate that a change in traditional real estate theory concerning market efficiency may be warranted.
Date: May 1987
Creator: McIntosh, Willard

The Relationship of Teacher Temperament to Effectiveness in the Classroom

Description: The purposes of this study were (I) to determine the relationship of teacher temperament to effectiveness in the classroom and (2) to determine the relationship of the teacher's temperament to the teacher's sex, to the grade level taught, to the area taught (special education or regular education), and to the subject taught. It was hypothesized that (I) there is no significant relationship between the teacher's temperament and his effectiveness in the classroom, (2) there is no significant relationship between the teacher's temperament and sex, (3) there is no significant relationship between the teacher's temperament and the grade level he teaches (elementary or secondary), (4) there is no significant relationship in the teacher's temperament and the area he teaches (special education or regular education), and (5) there is no significant relationship between the teacher's temperament and the subject he teaches.
Date: December 1987
Creator: McMillan, Margaret S. (Margaret Shelfer)

A Descriptive History of Wesley College

Description: The American junior colleges of today are historical accidents, some having begun originally with elementary and secondary divisions or as adjuncts of local high schools. Wesley College in Greenville, Texas, began on a two acre campus as North Texas University Training School in Terrell, Texas, in 1905. Chartered by the North Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, the school initially provided elementary and high school and two years of college. At this time the name was changed to Wesley College, but the school closed in the spring of 1911. It reopened on a twenty acre campus in the fall of 1912 in Greenville, Texas, and maintained a close relationship with that city until mounting financial problems forced closure in 1938. Many records of the school were transferred to Southern Methodist University at Dallas, and in 1939, Wesley College alumni were invited to become associate members of the S.M.U. Ex-Students Association. Many associated with Wesley College continue to meet annually in Greenville to keep alive their memories of the once prestigious college. This study employs primary and secondary documentary data, as well as interviews with fifty-six individuals, to provide a chronological descriptive history of the origin, growth, development, and demise of the school, together with its philosophical bases.
Date: May 1987
Creator: McMullin, William C. (William Craig)