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Channel 2, Denton, Texas: A Retrospective

Description: This study explored the evolution of Denton's VHF educational television assignment Channel 2, from its inception on April 14, 1952, to September 2, 1977. The problem was to discern why the channel remained inactive for twenty-five years. Chapters explore the attempts of broadcast interests to acquire control of the channel, and discuss why they were unsuccessful. The study concludes that a lack of finances, combined with the apathy and self-interests of Denton's educational leaders, prevented the channel's utilization. Federal Communications Commission policy allowed Denton's educators more time to raise money for a Denton station. Other conclusions suggest that the channel not be reassigned and that it be activated.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Felber, Mark D.

Production Trends in the Utilization of Commercial Multi-Image Presentations Produced in Dallas During the High Growth Years 1979-1981

Description: This study was designed to determine the general volume of multi-image production in Dallas County, Texas from 1979 through 1981 as categorized by: the presentation, number of projectors utilized, and by relevant aspects of presentation with analysis of 85 respondents. The questionnaire yielded 633 variables in the computer analysis. The study revealed significant growth in multi-image production with the 1981 total being more than twice the 1979 total. 1988 consensus indicates that the multi-image use is dictated by the business climate. Having been adopted initially, it is retained by those who find it effective and a suitable medium for larger screens.
Date: May 1989
Creator: McCracken, Bruce (Bruce Edward)