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Interinstitutional Cooperation among Black Colleges in Texas

Description: The persistent paucity of endowment monies and other funds and an attempt to minimize operating costs have led to a series of interinstitutional cooperative efforts between many historically black colleges in Texas and other institutions of higher learning. The Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC) is a multi-service consortium composed of Huston-Tillotson College, Jarvis Christian College, Paul Quinn College, Texas College, and Wiley College which are privately supported and church-related liberal arts colleges. The primary focus of the TADC is interinstitutional cooperation. Some general and specific problems and weaknesses endemic to many small private colleges, especially to small black private colleges, have been identified through analyses, interpretations, and inferences from a variety of data sources. The potential opportunity and success for strengthening these colleges and for solving some of their problems through self-effort, through additional support from external, nongovernmental sources, and through meaningful forms of interinstitutional cooperation are discussed and appear to be encouraging. Interinstitutional cooperation is already acceptable and functional among these five colleges through their participation in the Texas Association of Developing Colleges, and it is apparent that these five colleges, individually and collectively, have had commendable successes in meeting many of their goals and objectives through such arrangements. Basically, the recommendations made in this study call for significant forms and types of interinstitutional cooperation among these colleges in a formalized manner under the aegis of the Texas Association of Developing Colleges.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Mofoye, Dafiotu M. Dennis (Dafiotu Mienyo Dennis)