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Methods and Procedures in Determining a Recreation Program for the City of Denton, Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine to what extent the existing Recreation Program of Denton, Texas provides for the leisure time needs of the citizens of Denton. After the existing program was surveyed, the results were compared with the standards set up by the National Recreation Association for a city the size of Denton. From a comparison of the present program and the standards, an effort was made to formulate a program that would meet the leisure time needs of the citizenship of Denton.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Bales, Marguerite

Quantitative Chemical Analysis of the Soils of Erath County, Texas

Description: A chemical analysis of representative samples of Windthorst sand, Denton sand, and Denton clay has been made, and this analysis shows that their composition has a strict correlation with respect to their geological origins. The analyses of the different soils have shown the Windthorst sand to be highly deficient in all of the essential elements, whereas the Denton sand is deficient in only one; namely, phosphorus. The analysis of the Denton clay showed it to be highly fertile. From the consideration of the pH and the lime content, it has been determined to some extent what crops will grow in each of the soils.
Date: June 1938
Creator: Barnes, Benjamin F.

To Determine the Adequacy of the Facilities and of the Health and Recreational Program of the Schools of Wise County

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine what facilities are needed and what changes in the present course of study in physical education of the schools of Wise County must be made in order to carry out an enriched program, functioning for the entire student population. The facilities of the present, the teaching procedure, the administration of physical education, and the latest proposed programs in this field will be considered. It is hoped that a study of this kind will be of value to the curriculum builder in the small or rural schools.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Baugh, V. S.

The Cooperative Movement and its Influence in Denton County

Description: Cooperation is a subject which has intrigued the writer for some time. A study of the philosophy, history and accomplishments of the cooperative movement was begun, due to the interest of the study. In Denton County, Texas, the cooperatives have, for the past few years, been making such rapid progress that a study of the inception, growth and success of these societies seemed indicated. In spite of the broad field of study this subjected presented, it seemed necessary to review the cooperative movement before the local cooperatives could be properly interpreted. This was Done. Numerous books and magazine articles pertaining to cooperation were read. In making this library study, the writer tried to delve into the underlying philosophy of the cooperative movement. Those countries in which cooperation has made greatest strides were given particular attention in order to try to find the secret of their success. After this library approach was completed, the various cooperative societies of Denton County were visited. The writer talked with the leaders of the societies, obtained copies of the by-laws of each organization, examined financial statements, and attempted to analyze the purposes, the accomplishments, and the possibilities of the future success of these organizations.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Cox, Eli

How Certain Factors Which Tend to Contribute to Educational Opportunities Can Be Improved in Foard County

Description: "The purpose of this study is to show how the educational opportunities of the children of Foard County can be improved...The educational data pertaining to the present organization of the schools of Foard County were obtained in the following manner: (1) by making a careful study of the enumeration, the enrollment, the average daily attendance, the size of the schools according to the number of grades taught, the grade distribution of the pupils, the enrollment of the pupils, the length of the school term, and the annual cost per per pupil. (2) By making a study of the teacher personnel of Foard County and of the number of teachers employed according to average attendance. (3) By investigating the tax rate for school support (4) By making a study of bus transportation, and road conditions of Foard County. (5) By making a study of the bonded indebtedness, total financial support, and total disbursement for each school of Foard County "-- leaf 1.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Cox, William Lee

To Determine a Plan for the Equalization of Educational Opportunities in Wheeler County, Texas

Description: This study is made to determine the educational inequalities that exist in the schools of Wheeler County and to set up a plan that will help to equalize the educational opportunities for all the children in the county, on a basis well within its financial ability. The study consists of three phases of the problem of equalizing educational opportunities in the schools of Wheeler County. The first will consist of a study of the educational conditions of the schools, based upon the general population trends, scholastic trends, the per pupil load of each elementary classroom, the subject-pupil load of each high school teacher, and the qualification of the teachers according to college work. The second will consist of a financial survey of the schools based upon assessed valuations, tax rates, cost per scholastic, and outstanding bonded indebtedness. The third will be the formulating of a plan for the equalization of educational opportunities based upon the findings of the educational and financial surveys.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Evans, Iva C.

A Program of Education to Fit the Needs of the Mexican Children in Wichita Falls, Texas

Description: This thesis is a report on the study of the educational opportunities, problems, and handicaps which are peculiar to the environment of the Mexican child in Wichita Falls, Texas. The purpose of this study: It is a known a fact that the educational opportunities afforded the Mexican children in Wichita Falls, Texas are inferior to those afforded the white children or Negro children. The reason for this is the unsuccessful attempt to intersperse the Mexican child with the white children after they have completed the third grade. Naturally, because of racial, differences, aptitudes, and inherent characteristics, the Mexican children are at a distinct disadvantage in attempting to compete in an educational manner with their white brother. Much has been done toward curriculum revision and in the study of needed changes in the public school program for the white children, but very little has been done to find the needs or to meet the needs of the Mexican children, although he, too, is an American citizen in most cases and is subject to the same rights, privileges, and educational advantages as the white children.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Johns, Crystine Gordon

Adequacy of Training of Junior High School Teachers of Industrial Arts in Texas

Description: "The problem of this study is to determine to what extent the junior high school teachers of industrial arts in Texas are being trained to meet the apparent needs and trends in the field. Do the teachers colleges of Texas have the facilities --curricula--to adequately train industrial arts teacher for the courses that are actually being taught in the junior high schools of Texas? The study is limited to certain aspects of industrial arts in the junior high schools and the State Teachers colleges of Texas. The offerings and trends in offerings of the junior high schools, the organization and trends in the organization, the adequacy of training of industrial arts teachers in the junior schools, and offerings and trends in the industrial arts departments of the Texas State Teachers Colleges are of major importance in this study. " --p. 1
Date: June 1938
Creator: Karnes, Ray

A Comparison of the White and the Colored Schools of Texas

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the status of the educational opportunities of the white and the colored child in the State of Texas during the year of 1935-36 and to locate the inequalities with reference to: building equipment, transportation, library facilities, teachers, average daily attendance of pupils, teacher-pupil ratio, per pupil cost of instruction, age-grade distribution, and age of pupils when graduated. The study found the following conclusions: The building value per pupil enrolled in the white schools was over three times as much as the building value per pupil enrolled in the colored schools. Nearly twice as much was spent to transport a white child to school as was spent to transport a colored child to school. The libraries in the white schools had five times as many volumes per pupil enrolled as did the libraries in the colored schools. The value of libraries, per pupil enrolled, was about five times as much in the white schools as in the colored schools, along with several more.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Kattner, Bruno A.

A Comparison of the Educational Opportunities of the Whites and the Negroes of Walker County

Description: This thesis is written on the subject, state fully, "A Comparison of the Education Opportunities of the Whites and Negores of Walker County." The study is based, as far as possible, on a per-pupil comparison. The writer found Walker County an excellent county in which to make such a study for the simple reason that there was not another county in the state of Texas where there was such an equal balance of negro and white approved scholastics. The counties of Harrison, Marion, San Jacinto, Walker, and Waller were the only ones in the state of Texas that had more approved negro scholastics than white approved scholastics. In Walker county during the year 1937-1938 there were 2,498 white scholastics and 2,505 negro scholastics. This shows that there were only seven more negro approved scholastics than white approved scholastics.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Kuykendall, Ralph B.

The Present Status and Need of an Adequate Music Program for the First Seven Grades in the Rural Schools of Coryell County, Texas, with a Proposed Music Program

Description: This study is designed to reveal the existing status of public school music in the rural elementary schools of Coryell County, Texas. It is also intended to serve as a tool for the teachers in those schools as they formulate and initiate their music programs. This study also makes the following recommendations: Every rural school in the county should make a close study of the music set-up. Every rural school should initiate a music program that will measure up to acceptable criteria and will meet the needs of the school in order to give equal musical opportunities to all pupils. If there are no funds available for the employment of a music supervisor, all teachers who teach music should have training in public school music in order to be most efficient. It is expedient that all music teachers hold a college degree with a major or minor in music in order to meet the requirements made by the state and to become better qualified for teaching. All rural schools should be equipped with a piano, victrola, and a radio in order that a well rounded music program may be carried out. Music textbooks should be made available for each child in the school, so that all children have the advantages they afford.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Lamb, LaFayette

Survey of Procedures Employed and Progress made by Dallas City Schools for the Immunization of Contagious Diseases

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the progress of the immunization program for Contagious Diseases in the City Schools of Dallas, Texas, over a period of ten years, dating from September 1928, to September 1938. An endeavor was made to determine how the Health Works Program of the Dallas Public Schools developed, and the protection it gave the public children.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Manire, Vera Olivia

The Development of a More Effective System of Transporting High School Pupils in Donley County, Texas

Description: It is the purpose of this study to show the bus transportation set up in the schools of Donley County, Texas and to show how it can be made more effective. The following factors will be considered in studying this problem: 1. Number of pupils transported, 2. Number of buses used, 3. Comfort of pupils en route to and from the school, 5. Length of bus routes, 6. Amount of time pupils spend on the bus, 7. Cost of transportation, 8. Type of equipment used, 9. Condition of roads, 10. Cooperation of home and school,11. Improvement of the above factors. Each of the above factors will be considered carefully in studying this problem.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Penick, L.B.

Children's Preferences Between Realistic and Fantastic Stories in the First and Second Grades

Description: The purpose of this study was to find the type of stories in which the children in the first and second grades were most interested. The writer wanted to determine whether or not there was a preference for fantastic or realistic stories in these grades, whether or not boys preferred one type of stories and girls another, and whether or not age and intelligence entered in as determining factors.
Date: June 1938
Creator: Ragland, Eulelia

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the National Youth Administration Program, North Texas States Teachers College, 1937-1938

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the National Youth Administration Program at the North Texas State Teachers College, by seeing how nearly it realizes the major objectives set up by the N.Y. A. Executive Committee at Washington, D.C. These objectives, as set up by the executive committee, are as follows: 1. To provide funds for the part-time employment on needy school, college, and graduate students between 16 and 25 years of age so that they can continue their education. 2. To provide funds for the part-time employment on work projects of yound persons, chiefly from relief families, between 18 and 25 years of age, the projects being designed not only to provide valuable work experiences but to benefit youth generally and the communities in which they live. 3. To encourage the establishment of job training, counseling, and placement services for youth. 4. To encourage the development and extension of constructive, leisure-time activities.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Williams, Charles C.

The Educational and Recreational Value of Swimming in Texas as Revealed by the Municipal and Educational Institutions

Description: The purpose of this study was undertaken first, to determine, in so far as possible, the extent of the growing popularity of swimming throughout Texas; second, to discover what provisions were being made to meet the new demands for more adequate facilities and instruction; third, to reveal the extent of swimming participation in the state; fourth, to reveal data showing the extent and kind of swimming facilities in the state; and fifth, to evaluate the data found.
Date: August 1938
Creator: Woodall, Earle S.