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Attitudes of Selected Texas Police and Fire Department Association Members Toward Employee Associations and Their Participation in Collective Bargaining under Texas State Law

Description: The purpose of the study is to investigate attitudes and opinions of police and fire association presidents and members about labor and management relations in their city and collective bargaining in general in the state. Presidents of fourteen police and fire associations were interviewed to obtain information about their experiences with collective bargaining or in seeking collective bargaining in local option elections. They were also asked about necessary changes in state and federal law on public sector collective bargaining. On the survey, the opinions of police officers, fire fighters, and private sector union members were similar. Respondents believe labor and management relations are satisfactory but not better than in past dealings. None of the private sector members believe their union is weaker at the bargaining table, while over a third of the police officers and fire fighters indicate their association is weaker. The primary reason for joining a union or association is to have more influence on issues of job and working conditions. On the survey factors, respondents agree that employee representation is necessary and worthwhile. The IAMAW is more effective in performing representational duties, followed by the fire fighters' associations and the various police associations. All three groups agree that members should support their association or union; however, IAMAW members disagree that employees be required to join. This is somewhat surprising considering union security sentiments. Police and fire fighters are not sure whether collective bargaining or strike rights are sufficient to balance their power in labor and management relations. Some recommendations are made as to the treatment of public sector unions under the law in the state of Texas.
Date: December 1978
Creator: Hastings, Barbara