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Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of Students in Four-Year Hospitality Programs

Description: The purpose of this research was to determine the level of nutrition knowledge of students in four-year hospitality programs; their attitudes toward nutrition in general (general attitudes); and their attitudes toward its role in commercial foodservice (restaurant attitudes). Correlations between knowledge and attitudes and differences based on gender, age, college classification, and completion of a college nutrition course were also examined. Hospitality management majors in baccalaureate programs at three Texas universities completed 454 usable questionnaires. Although knowledge was not extensive, general and restaurant attitudes were positive. Knowledge was influenced by all factors except gender. General attitudes were influenced by gender, age, and classification. Only gender influenced restaurant attitudes. Knowledge was positively correlated with favorable attitudes.
Date: May 1993
Creator: Bruce, Agnes R. (Agnes Rodriguez)

Regulations Involved in Opening and Operating Bed and Breakfasts in the State of Texas

Description: This study was conducted to determine what regulations are, and should be, involved in opening and operating a bed and breakfast in the State of Texas. Specifically, this study examined bed and breakfast regulations in Texas to identify the existence of, or need for, standards related to various legislation (including, but not limited to, zoning ordinances, building and fire codes, and insurance requirements). Bed and breakfast owners/operators in Texas made up the random sample that produced 106 usable survey responses. Regulations are in place at the state, county, and city levels of government. Bed and breakfast owners/operators were most concerned about insurance related matters, and various aspects of effective promotion and advertising.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Cohen, Michael I., 1967-

The Motivational Impact of Incentive Programs on Young Adult Employees in Corporate Casual Restaurants

Description: This study was conducted to determine which incentive programs best influence young workers in corporate casual restaurants. The server and bar staff of the Chili's division of Brinker International, Inc. were surveyed in 18 stores in the Dallas area. From the sample. 356 usable surveys were received. The study was designed to obtain feedback about existing and future incentive programs that will enhance development of a positive working environment, along with higher productivity and a lower turnover rate.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Hirsch, Gregory S. (Gregory Seymour)

Managerial Attitudes Toward Business Regulation: the Arlington Smoking Ordinance

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a difference in opinion between chain and franchise restaurant managers and independent owner/operators toward the effects of a smoking ordinance. Results of this study showed a significant statistical difference between restaurateur groups toward the perception of economic effects.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Lindly, Ronald B. (Ronald Brian)