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An Exploratory Study of the Use of Accounting Information for Management Control of Faculty Salaries, Departmental Operating Expense, and Instructional Administration Expense at the Dean's Level in Selected State Colleges and Universities in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine how deans of colleges within the state-supported, four-year universities in Texas use accounting information to allocate and control resources dedicated to faculty salaries, departmental operating expense, and instructional administration expense. Conclusions: 1. Communication is better between deans and financial officers at small universities than at large universities. 2. The relationship between line and staff appears to be misunderstood at several large universities. 3. Ten per cent of the deans at large universities and 2 per cent at small universities do not receive financial reports. 4. The financial reports, if comparative, usually compare year-to-date actual amounts with annual planned amounts. 5. Some of the deans keep their own set of financial records. 6. Deans are cost conscious and aware of the state formulas used in the state appropriation. 7. Many deans are frustrated and angry. 8. Most deans participate extensively in budgeting faculty salaries and departmental operating expense but 20 per cent do not participate in planning of instructional administration expense.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Althaus, Marlin Clinton

Conceptual Foundations for Cost-Benefit Analyses in Homes for the Aging--Quantifying Resident Satisfaction

Description: The purpose of this research project is to develop concepts for doing cost-benefit analyses for governmental and nonprofit homes. Such concepts should facilitate a differential diagnosis which recognizes the wide individual differences among those served. Developing relevant concepts is a first step in measurement. An aim is to develop appropriate concepts and instruments that will make an ordinal measurement of resident satisfaction possible. This study makes no effort to develop monetary measures of either costs or benefits. These measures and the related cost-benefit analyses must await further developments. Of the home's employees, the nurses and nurses' assistants usually have the most prolonged and intimate contact with the residents. The nurses and nurses' assistants often are the home personified in that they provide the bulk of a home's services to the less able residents. This explains why the environment of the home, which includes the values, needs, and attitudes of nurses and nurses' assistants, is believed to influence resident satisfaction.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Hyman, Ladelle M.

The Impact on Charitable Classes in Dallas County, Texas, Resulting from Changes in the Tax Economics of Private Philanthropy

Description: Private philanthropy is important in America. In 1985, philanthropy totaled almost 80 billion dollars. Philanthropy is partially a function of price. Absent a tax benefit, the price of charitable giving is unity. When tax benefits are available, the price of cash giving is one minus the marginal tax rate of the donor. Philanthropy is not evenly distributed among all classes of organizations. Changes in tax cost bring about changes in the distribution of gifts among organizations. Predictions have been made of a six to twelve billion dollar decline in individual giving as a result of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The question is, "Whose ox gets gored?" In 1962, the Internal Revenue Service collected data directly linking itemized charitable contributions to class of donee organization. Prior works by Taussig, Schwartz, Feldstein, and Clotfelter have been principally based on this data. Their works document differing elasticities of price on charitable giving. The current research gathered 1985 data on the relationships between income, price, and charitable donee for 298 Dallas County, Texas, taxpayers. Data was obtained from selected certified public accountants in Dallas County who prepared income tax returns for individuals as part of their practice. Two hundred fifty usable responses reflected charitable gifts. The data collected permitted the tax benefit resulting from charitable gifts to be calculated. Income levels and marginal tax rates on those gifts were then correlated with donee organizations using multiple regression analysis. The main effects of price and income on giving were masked by multicollinearity. The interaction effects of price and other independent variables showed little price effect on giving. Only when coupled with the income variable at income levels of $50,000 was the price effect significant.
Date: August 1987
Creator: McClure, Ronnie C. (Ronnie Clyde)

The Use of Concepts of Income Determination by Members of the Agricultural Sector of the Plains Area of Texas

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is that of determining income concepts employed by members of the agricultural sector to determine change in equity of the owner of an entity. A secondary purpose was an investigation of the factors which influenced the decision model selected to determine income. Major findings of the study indicated that financial data is used differently by members of the sector and the accountant. Respondents did not agree among themselves about the information that should be used in income measurement, nor were they consistent in use of a given concept. Finally, evidence was presented which indicated that changes in terms used to ask for change in equity leads to different responses.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Michalka, William J.

Prediction of Bankruptcy Using Financial Ratios, Information Measures, National Economic Data and Texas Economic Data

Description: The main purpose of this study is to develop a bankruptcy prediction model for the small business firm. Data was collected from the Dallas Small Business Administration (SBA), making this study specific to its decision makers. Existing research has produced models which predominately use financial ratios and information measures either independently or combined, and a few research models have used economic trends. This study varies from past studies in that it includes regional economic variables from the states of Texas. A sample of three-year data for 138 firms included fifteen bankrupt firms. This proportion of bankrupt/nonbankrupt firms approximates the proportion of repayed/defaulted loans in the SBA. Stepwise regression, set at the .15 level of significance, reduced a total of fifty-three variables to nine. These nine variables were then used to test twelve predictive models. All twelve models tested improved the SBA repayment rate and only two of the twelve would have caused the SBA to deny loans to applicants who eventually repaid. The study determined the model that included financial ratios, information measures, and Texas economic variables as best. It was also demonstrated that some of the variables used in this model could be eliminated without decreasing the predictive power of the model. The best of twelve models improved the SBA default rate by 40 percent without denying a loan to any applicant that eventually repaid.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Moore, Ronald K. (Ronald Kenneth)

An Empirical Investigation of the Potential Use of Data Required by FASB Statement No. 33 by Financial Analysts in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston Regions

Description: In September, 1979, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued FASB Statement No. 33, which required certain corporations to issue specified supplementary information based on constant dollars and current costs. This information is intended to show the impact of inflation on the reported earnings and capital of business enterprises. Opponents of Statement No. 33 claim that the required supplementary information is difficult to interpret and, therefore, will not be used. Proponents contend that the information is self-explanatory and would highlight the impact of inflation on the performance of business enterprises. Thus, they conclude the supplementary data will be useful to various user groups and will be used. This dissertation's primary objective was to determine whether the supplementary data will be used by financial analysts in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston regions in evaluating an enterprise's operating performance and its ability to maintain physical operating capability and the general purchasing power of financial capital.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Tondkar, Rasoul H.