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Regional Assessment of Water Quality: Trinity River Basin

Description: The purpose of this study is "to identify significant issues affecting water quality" within the Trinity River watershed, located in the eastern half of Texas, "and to provide sufficient information for the Commission, river authorities, and other local government bodies to take appropriate corrective action necessary to maintain and improve the quality of [the] state's water resources" (p. [1]).
Date: October 1992
Creator: Alan Plummer and Associates, Inc.

Free Culture and the Digital Library Symposium Proceedings 2005

Description: This book of proceedings includes seventeen papers from a symposium held at Emory University. The symposium papers discuss subjects relating to free culture in digital libraries.
Date: October 14, 2005
Creator: Halbert, Martin; Finegan, Carrie & Skinner, Katherine

Born Digital: Guidance for Donors, Dealers, and Archival Repositories

Description: The report provides recommendations to help ensure the physical and intellectual well-being of materials created and managed in digital form ("born digital") that are transferred from donors to archival repositories. The report is presented in four sections, each of which provides an overview of a key area of concern: initial collection review, privacy and intellectual property, key stages in acquiring digital materials, and post-acquisition review by the repository. Each section concludes with two lists of recommendations: one for donors and dealers, and a second for repository staff. Appendixes provide more specific information about possible staffing activities, as well as a list of resources and ready-to-use checklists that incorporate recommendations from throughout the report. Ten archivists and curators from institutions in the United States and United Kingdom collaborated on the report.
Date: October 2013
Creator: Redwine, Gabriela; Barnard, Megan; Donovan, Kate; Farr, Erika; Forstrom, Michael; Hansen, Will et al.

Open Digital Preservation Training and Professional Development Opportunities

Description: Interest in digital preservation training and professional development opportunities is extensive, however, a common understanding of the open materials – ones that are freely available for use online – and how they might be used most effectively is still limited. The digital preservation community, those who shepherd digital collections through the lifecycle for a variety of organizations, would benefit from a common understanding of freely available open training materials. Digital preservation continuing education is valuable to a number of organization types, from small to large, as well as a wide range of practitioners at various points in their careers. Museums, libraries, and archives of all sizes benefit greatly from freely available continuing educational materials on digital preservation topics, as do many other organizations with an interest in preserving digital content for future use. Frequently, learners new to the profession are uncertain as to where to acquire specific digital preservation knowledge, issues, and skills. Similarly, working professionals may need to expand their roles or desire to broaden their knowledge and skill-set. Training to meet these needs necessarily occurs outside of formal educational settings, relying on the learner’s ability to locate resources that are relevant to their goals. It is the purpose of this report to begin establishing a common understanding of the types of open digital preservation training materials available, to identify topics around which additional materials should be developed, and recommend ways to increase the effectiveness, use, and reuse of open training materials.
Date: October 2017
Creator: Institute of Museum and Library Services (U.S.)

State Library Administrative Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2016

Description: The State Library Administrative Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2016 report provides highlights of the Fiscal Year 2016 State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAA) Survey, which collects financial, staffing, and service information from every SLAA in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Date: October 2017
Creator: Institute of Museum and Library Services (U.S.)