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Primary view of The Activities of Disaster Relief Organizations During the Permanent Housing Phase of Recovery: a Case Study Analysis
Ephraim, Melinda M. H.
August 1992
Primary view of Adult Christian Education for Baby Boomers: a Descriptive Case Study of Three American Churches
Donahue, William P. (William Paul)
August 1994
Primary view of An Analysis of the Objectives and Suggested or Illustrative Methods and Materials on the Subject of Reading in the Elementary Schools as Found in Seven State Courses of Study
Bradley, Grace
Primary view of An Analysis of the Relationships of the Perceptions of College Environment by Existing Groups and Subgroups on the Campus of a Small Church-affiliated College
Zecher, Rodney L.
December 1972
Primary view of At the Edge of Eternity's Shadows: Scaling the Fractal Continuum from Lower into Higher Space
Greene, F. Gordon
Summer 2003
Primary view of California-ko Ostatuak: a History of California's Basque Hotels
Echeverría, Jerónima, 1946-
May 1988
Primary view of California Legislature, 2001-2002 Session, Senate Bill No. 527
California. Legislature. Senate.
September 2001
Primary view of Carbon Monoxide from California Fires
NASA Earth Observatory
November 4, 2003
Primary view of A Comparison of Cognitive Moral Development of Accounting Students at a Catholic University with Secular University Accounting Students
Koeplin, John P. (John Peter)
April 1998
Primary view of A Content Analysis of Superbowl XVI
Kuykendall, Francis Marion
August 1982
Primary view of Creating Impact - Feed-In Tariff Laws: Making clean energy a reality for all
World Future Council
March 2009
Primary view of A Critical Medical Anthropology Approach to Advocating for Social Justice and Policy Change in Pesticide Use and Practice to Reduce Health Risks Among Hispanic/Latinos in Central California
Romero, Mariel Sintora
August 2015
Primary view of A Critique of Kellehear's Transcendent Society
Mickel, Howard A.
Winter 1991
Primary view of The Death and Posthumous Life of Tom Sawyer: A Case Study of Apparent After-Death Communication
Ring, Kenneth
Winter 2008
Primary view of The Death Journey of a Hopi Indian: A Case Study
Green, J. Timothy
Summer 2008
Primary view of Describing the Light: Attribution Theory as an Explanation of the Near-Death Experience
Norton, Max C. & Sahlman, James M.
Spring 1995
Primary view of A Description, Analysis and Evaluation of Three Approaches to the Teaching of Reading
Lane, Kenneth Boyd, 1923-
August 1963
Primary view of Distressing Near-Death Experiences as Photographic Negatives
Ellwood, Gracia Fay
Winter 1996
Primary view of Drumming Behavior of Selected North American Stoneflies (Plecoptera)
Maketon, Monchan
December 1983
Primary view of The Effect of Supplementary Materials upon Academic Achievement in and Attitude toward Mathematics among Eighth Grade Students
Wilkinson, Gerald Glendel
May 1971
Primary view of The Effects of Two Approaches to Reading Instruction upon the Oral Language Development of First Grade Pupils
Giles, Douglas Elbert, 1932-
January 1966
Primary view of FITness Testing: Exploring the myths and misconceptions about feed-in tariff policies
World Future Council
Primary view of Green Jobs Training: A Catalog of Training Opportunities for Green Infrastructure Training
United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
September 2010
Primary view of Guest Editorial: Science, Spirit, and the Soul
Young, Arthur M.
Summer 1988