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Primary view of American Arms Sales to Iran and Power Politics in the Middle East
Aryanpur Kashani, Khosrow
December 1977
Primary view of The American University of Beirut and Its Educational Activities in Lebanon, 1920-1967
Sayah, Edward
May 1988
Primary view of An Analysis of Basic Design Education in Turkey and Implications for Changes in Postsecondary Art Curriculum
Oztuna, Haci Yakup
August 1998
Primary view of An Analysis of Corporate Accounting and Reporting Practices in Bahrain
Abdul-Rahim, Hassan M.
December 1993
Primary view of An Analysis of Higher Education in Iran and a Proposal for Its Improvement
Naeli, Mohammed Ali
May 1974
Primary view of Analysis of Managerial Training and Development Within Saudi Arabian Airlines
Al-Dabbagh, Taher H. (Taher Hussien)
May 1980
Primary view of An Analysis of Marketing in Saudi Arabia and American Marketing Executives' Knowledge About the Saudi Arabian Market
Abunabaa, Abdelaziz M.
December 1981
Primary view of An Assessment of Occupational Needs and Training Programs in Saudi Arabia
Awwad, Muhammad M. Joma
May 1979
Primary view of Attitudes Toward Computer Use and Gender Differences Among Kuwaiti Sixth-Grade Students
Almahboub, Shafi Fahad
August 2000
Primary view of Can Akers’ Social Structure and Social Learning Theory Explain Delinquent Behaviors Among Turkish Adolescents?
Solakoglu, Ozgur
August 2015
Primary view of The Causes of Revolution: A Case Study of Iranian Revolution of 1978-79
Tehrani, Mohammad Hassan Tajalli
March 1982
Primary view of The Characteristics of National Science Foundation-Sponsored Science Programs in American Secondary Schools and Implications for Science Education in Kuwaiti Secondary Schools
Jarragh, Abdullah J. A.
May 1980
Primary view of Comparative Development with Large Endowments of Capital (Oil Revenue) Three Case Studies Nigeria, Iran, Libya
Inyang, Eno F.
December 1983
Primary view of Comparative Labor Policy in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 1961-1987
Dwairi, Musa A. (Musa Ayesh)
May 1991
Primary view of Comparative Study of American and Israeli Teenagers' Attitudes Toward Death
Dweck, Tzafra
August 1975
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Terrorism in Southwest Asia 1968-1982
Zonozy, Nassrullah Y. (Nassrullah Yeganeh)
August 1990
Primary view of A Comparison Between the Programming Processes of the Instructional Services Division, KERA-TV, Dallas, and the Instructional Television Center, Israel
Molad, Clarisse
August 1978
Primary view of A Content Analysis of Press Coverage of the 1975-1976 Lebanese Civil War by "The New York Times" and "The Times" of London
Husni, Samir A.
May 1980
Primary view of Dead Planet, Living Planet: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Development
Nelleman, Christian & Corcoran, Emily
Primary view of A Demographic Analysis of Female Participation in the Iranian Labor Force, 1956-1966
Saidi, Shahla
August 1978
Primary view of A Description and Analysis of the Channels of Distribution for Food Products in the State of Kuwait
Abdulelah, Abdulla Ali
August 1977
Primary view of The Development of Behavioral Objectives for the Second Year Chemistry Course in Kuwait Secondary Schools
Jasim, Saleh A.
May 1979
Primary view of The Development of Commercial Advertising in Saudi Television from 1986-1988
AlFardi, Abdullah A. A.
August 1989
Primary view of Development of Oil and Societal Change in Saudi Arabia
Almtairi, Naief M.
August 1985