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Primary view of Accessing Information on the World Wide Web: Predicting Usage Based on Involvement
Langford, James David
May 2003
Primary view of The Adoption and Use of Electronic Information Resources by a Non-Traditional User Group: Automotive Service Technicians.
Almquist, Arne J.
May 2006
Primary view of An Analysis of the Ability of an Instrument to Measure Quality of Library Service and Library Success
Landrum, Hollis T.
December 1999
Primary view of Are Online Catalogs for Children Giving Them What They Need? Children's Cognitive Development and Information Seeking and Their Impact on Design
Creel, Stacy
August 2007
Primary view of Assessment of a Library Learning Theory by Measuring Library Skills of Students Completing an Online Library Instruction Tutorial
Watson, Dana L.
May 2007
Primary view of Attitudes Toward the Contemporary Role of the Library Media Specialist in the Overall Elementary School Program in North Central Texas
Roach, Catharyn
December 1989
Primary view of Children's Color Association for Digital Image Retrieval.
Chang, Yun-Ke
August 2003
Primary view of Citation Accuracy in the Journal Literature of Four Disciplines : Chemistry, Psychology, Library Science, and English and American Literature
Sassen, Catherine J. (Catherine Jean)
May 1992
Primary view of The Cluster Hypothesis: A Visual/Statistical Analysis
Sullivan, Terry
May 2000
Primary view of Cognitive Playfulness, Innovativeness, and Belief of Essentialness: Characteristics of Educators who have the Ability to Make Enduring Changes in the Integration of Technology into the Classroom Environment.
Dunn, Lemoyne Luette Scott
August 2004
Primary view of A Common Representation Format for Multimedia Documents
Jeong, Ki Tai
December 2002
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Reading Habits and Abilities of Students in Selected Elementary Schools in North Louisiana With and Without Centralized Libraries
Lowe, Joy L. (Joy Lambert)
August 1984
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Style of User Interface Look and Feel in a Synchronous Computer Supported Cooperative Work Environment
Livingston, Alan
May 2005
Primary view of A Comparison of Communication Motives of On-Site and Off-Site Students in Videoconference-Based Courses
Massingill, K.B.
August 2002
Primary view of A Complex Systems Model for Understanding the Causes of Corruption: Case Study - Turkey
Yasar, Muhammet Murat
August 2005
Primary view of Computer Support Interactions: Verifying a Process Model of Problem Trajectory in an Information Technology Support Environment.
Strauss, Christopher Eric
December 2006
Primary view of A Conceptual Map for Understanding the Terrorist Recruitment Process: Observation and Analysis of Turkish Hezbollah Terrorist Organizations.
Teymur, Samih
August 2007
Primary view of Constraints on Adoption of Innovations: Internet Availability in the Developing World.
Stedman, Joseph B.
December 2006
Primary view of Coyote Ugly Librarian: A Participant Observer Examination of Lnowledge Construction in Reality TV.
Holmes, Haley K.
May 2007
Primary view of Creating a Criterion-Based Information Agent Through Data Mining for Automated Identification of Scholarly Research on the World Wide Web
Nicholson, Scott
May 2000
Primary view of CT3 as an Index of Knowledge Domain Structure: Distributions for Order Analysis and Information Hierarchies
Swartz Horn, Rebecca
December 2002
Primary view of Diagnosing Learner Deficiencies in Algorithmic Reasoning
Hubbard, George U.
May 1995
Primary view of Discovering a Descriptive Taxonomy of Attributes of Exemplary School Library Websites
Valenza, Joyce Kasman
August 2007
Primary view of An E-government Readiness Model
Liu, Shin-Ping
December 2001