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Primary view of Art Unfettered: Bergson and a Fluid Conception of Art
Thompson, Seth Aaron
August 2018
Primary view of Catastrophe in Permanence: Benjamin's Natural History of Environmental Crisis
Bower, Matthew S
May 2017
Primary view of Environmental Ethics from the Periphery: José Lutzenberger and the Philosophical Analysis of an Unecological Economics
Valenti Possamai, Fabio
August 2016
Primary view of Expendable Creation: Classical Pentecostalism and Environmental Disregard
Goins, Jeffrey P. (Jeffrey Paul)
December 1997
Primary view of Expertise Revisited: Reflecting on the Intersection of Science and Democracy in the Case of Fracking
Ahmadi, Mahdi
December 2015
Primary view of Nature's Patrons: Private Sector Engagement and Powerful Environmentalisms
Ward, Nora Catherine
May 2018
Primary view of Oil in Ghana: a curse or not? Examining environmental justice and the social process in policymaking
Akon Yamga, Gordon
May 2018
Primary view of On City Identity and Its Moral Dimensions
Epting, Shane Ray
December 2015
Primary view of Practicing Relevance: The Origins, Practices, and Future of Applied Philosophy
Barr, Kelli Ray
May 2017
Primary view of A Restorative Environmental Justice for the Prison Industrial Complex: a Transformative Feminist Theory of Justice
Conrad, Sarah M.
May 2015
Primary view of The Rhetoric of Ecofeminism: A Postmodern Inquiry
Robinson, Michael W. (Michael William)
May 1993
Primary view of Strange Matter, Strange Objects: An Ontological Reorientation of the Philosophical Concept of Wonder
Onishi, Brian Hisao
May 2016
Primary view of Toward an Ecocentric Philosophy of Energy in a Time of Transition
Frigo, Giovanni
August 2018
Primary view of Urban Sustainability and the Extinction of Experience: Acknowledging Drivers of Biocultural Loss for Socio-ecological Well-being
Poole, Alexandria K.
December 2015