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Primary view of 9-Lipoxygenase Oxylipin Pathway in Plant Response to Biotic Stress
Nalam, Vamsi J.
May 2012
Primary view of Advanced Molecular and Microbial Techniques: a Complete Laboratory Notebook
Brito-Rodriquez, Carmen Lydia
May 1998
Primary view of Biology and Production of Net-Spinning Caddisflies (Hydropsychidae And Philopotamidae) in a Regulated Portion Of The Brazos River, Texas
Malas, Diane M. (Diane Mary)
May 1984
Primary view of Comparative Ecology of Benthic Communities in Natural and Regulated Areas of the Flathead and Kootenai Rivers, Montana
Perry, Sue A.
May 1984
Primary view of Degradation of Humic Substances by Aquatic Bacteria
Baiu, Saleh Hamed Salem
August 1985
Primary view of Ecological Association Between the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and Southern Pine Beetle in the Homochitto National Forest: a Geographic Information System Approach
Skordinski, Karen R. (Karen Renee)
December 1998
Primary view of Effects of Water Source, Suspended Solids, and Acclimation on Biotransformation of 2 /4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid in Aquatic Systems
Moses, Christopher K. (Christopher Karam)
August 1985
Primary view of Evaluation of Online-Only Journal Quality from Analysis of Email Solicitations
Burggren, Warren W.
May 20, 2016
Primary view of Factors Inhibiting Dissociation Of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Cells
Gonzalez, Anthony H.
August 1982
Primary view of Fungal Antigens and Fungal Disease: An Alkali-Soluble, Water Soluble Antigen from Coccidioides immitis and Coccidioidomycosis
Fleming, William H. (William Harold)
December 1983
Primary view of Genetic and Morphological Variation in Natural Populations of the Red Shiner, Notropis lutrensis, and their Relationship to Adaptation in a Generalist Species
Wooten, Michael Conrad
May 1984
Primary view of Marketing via E-mail Solicitation by Predatory (and Legitimate) Journals: An Evaluation of Quality, Frequency, and Relevance
Burggren, Warren W.; Madasu, Dilip; Hawkins, Kevin S. & Halbert, Martin
March 19, 2018
Primary view of MYB5 and MYB14 Play Pivotal Roles in Seed Coat Polymer Biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula
Liu, Chenggang; Jun, Ji Hyung & Dixon, R. A.
August 2014
Primary view of Passive Dispersal of Algae and Protozoa Internally and Externally by Selected Aquatic Insects
Solon, Bernard M. (Bernard Michael), 1932-
December 1970
Primary view of Pretreatment Optimization of Fiberglass Manufacturing Industrial Wastewater
Dragoo, Ron
December 1998
Primary view of Response of Freshwater and Saltwater Toxicity Test Species to Calcium and Salinity Concentrations Encountered in Toxicity Tests
Price, Edmund E., 1954-
Primary view of Size Fractionation of Metabolically Active Phytoplankton and Bacteria in Two Diverse Lentic Systems
Ellis, Bonnie K.
August 1980
Primary view of Studies on the Drumming Behavior of North American Stoneflies (Plecoptera)
Zeigler, David D.
May 1984
Primary view of Testing and Evaluation of Environmental Fate Models Using Aquatic Microcosms and Three Organic Chemicals
Staples, Charles A. (Charles Allen)
December 1983