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Changes in Personality Traits Following an Intensive In-Service Para-Professional Counseling-Aide Program

Description: The primary purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of an intensive, in-service training program for modifying selected personality traits among para-professional counselor aides restricted to working with emotionally disturbed youth in a residential treatment center. Additionally, an attempt was made to identify the areas in which personality traits were modified, both between experimental and control groups and between males and females.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Pullen, Patrick Wilson

Method for Improving the Perception of Reality and Understanding of the Population Problem in the College Classroom: A Simulation Game

Description: The purpose of this study is the development of an educational simulation game for use in college classes. The simulation game is based on selected aspects of the population problem. The panel approved or rejected objectives on the basis of their significance as goals for college students. Twelve objectives were approved by a majority of the panel. Upon completion of the exercise, students should be able to compute population increases, to predict population sizes, and to identify birth and death rates that cause a population to increase, decrease, or remain stable. Students should also be able to describe how the following factors affect population size: cultural and religious beliefs, pressure for economic growth, investments of capital, and financial losses. Students should understand the problems of governing a country with a rapidly growing population as compared to problems in governing a country with slower population growth, and they should recognize how rapid population growth can affect the quality of life. Students should recognize decreased birth rates, increased death rates, and increased economic production as possible solutions to the population problem. Finally, students should personalize the population problem and make commitments in seeking and participating in its solutions.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Connor, Thomas Dwight

A Proposal for Instruction of Poetry at El Centro College

Description: The problem of this study was to develop a proposal for the teaching of poetry for the purposes of contributing to the student's understanding and enjoyment. Surveys and summaries were made of scholarly writings on the junior college student, existential theories of education, and theories of poetry. A bibliography was constructed for each subject from resources of the North Texas State University library. Conclusions from each survey were derived from the selected resources and used to prepare the proposal for instruction of poetry.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Drake, Jesse Henry

"A Straunge Kinde of Harmony": The Influence of Lyric Poetry and Music on Prosodic Techniques in the Spenserian Stanza

Description: An examination of the stanzas of The Faerie Queene reveals a structural complexity that prosodists have not previously discovered. In the prosody of Spenser's epic, two formal prosodic orders function simultaneously. One is the visible structure that has long been acknowledged and studied, eight decasyllabic lines and an alexandrine bound into a coherent entity by a set meter and rhyme scheme. The second is an order made apparent by an oral reading and which involves speech stresses, syntactical groupings, caesura placements, and enjambments. In an audible reading, elements are revealed that oppose the structural integrity of the visible form. The lines cease to be iambic, because most lines contain some irregularities that are incongruent with the meter. The visible structure is further counterpointed by Spenser's free use of caesura and frequent employment of enjambment to create a constantly varying structure of different line lengths in the audible form. This study also examines precedents that Spenser could have known for the union of music and poetry. English lyric poetry written for existing melodies is analyzedand the French experiments with quantitative verse supported with musical settings are discussed. Special emphasis is given to the musical associations of the Orlando furioso, particularly its relation to the tradition of singing narrative poetry to folk melodies. Internal support for the thesis that Spenser deliberately employed musical techniques in his prosody comes from his use of the Tudor masque in the structure of the epic. Evidence is offered to show that the processional masque is the unifying foundation for the whole of The Faerie Queene, A characteristic of the sixteenth-century masque was its combination of art forms, and Spenser found a method for integrating the arts of music and literature. Spenser uses musical techniques in the prosody that he could have expected would echo musical experiences ...
Date: August 1972
Creator: Corse, Larry B.

The Effectiveness of a Structured Mathematics Program with Culturally Deprived Kindergarten Children

Description: This study is limited to the mathematics performance of two intact groups of culturally deprived kindergarten students, mostly blacks, with a few whites and Mexican-Americans, who were enrolled at Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Denton, Texas) for the entire school year of 1970-1971. The purposes of the study are to compare the effectiveness of two methods of teaching mathematics to culturally disadvantaged children and to check for interaction of treatments when these children are classified by sex.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Fairman, Billie Jack

A Focus on Problems of National Interest in the College General Chemistry Laboratory: The Effects of the Problem-Oriented Method Compared with Those of the Traditional Approach

Description: Dealing with the college laboratory program in general chemistry, this study compares the effects of exercises based on current national problems with the effects of traditional laboratory exercises. The study has been prompted by the recent emphasis on topics of national interest in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. These topics include air and water pollution, drug addiction and analysis, tetraethyl-lead additives, insecticides in the environment, and recycling of wastes. The relevant experiments are taken from recent issues of the Journal of Chemical Education. The traditional exercises, from the laboratory manual Chemistry in the Laboratory, by Watt, Hatch, and Lagowski (New York, Norton, 1964), deal with such topics as chemical composition, gas laws, solutions, and acids and bases.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Neman, Robert Lynn

An Inquiry into the Inevitability of Prediction Error in Investment Portfolio Models

Description: Many mathematical programming models of the selection of investment portfolios assume that the best portfolio at any given level of risk is the portfolio having the highest level of return. The expected level of return is defined as a linear combination of the expected returns of the individual investments contained within the portfolio,and risk is defined in terms of variance of return. This study uses Monte Carlo simulation to establish that if the estimates of the future returns on potential investments are unbiased, the steady-state return on the portfolio is overestimated by the procedure used in the standard models. Under reasonable assumptions concerning the parameters of the estimates of the various returns, this bias is quite sizeable, with the steady-state predicted return often overestimating the steady-state actual return by more than ten percentage points. In addition, it is shown that when the variances of the alternative potential investments are not all equal,a limitation on the variance of the portfolio will reduce the magnitude of the bias. In many reasonable cases, constraining the portfolio variance reduces the bias by a magnitude greater than the amount by which it reduces the predicted portfolio return, causing the steady-state actual return to rise. This implies that return cannot automatically be assumed to be a monotonic function of risk.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Valentine, Jerome Lynn

Baptists and Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Texas

Description: This study examines the relations of white Baptists with racial and ethnic minorities in Texas from the beginning of organized Baptist work in Texas in the mid-nineteenth century, through the United States Supreme Court decision in the Brown v. Topeka case in 1954, Emphasizing the role of attitudes in forming actions, it examines the ideas of various leaders of the chief Baptist bodies in Texas: the artist General Convention of Texas, the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas and the American Baptist Convention. The minorities included in the work are the Negroes, the Mexican-Americans, non-Anglo-Saxon Europeans, American Indians, Orientals, and Jews. Several factors tend to justify a study of this subject. First, there is the prominence of race relations in the nation which has aroused interest in the effect which race relations have had upon affairs in Texas, Second, the widespread changes which have taken place in Texas during, the last two decades suggest the feasibility of a study of that phenomenon, and the fact that many consider the race problem to be a moral and religious issue indicates the relevance of the churches' relationships to these changes. As the largest religious denomination in the state, the Baptists offer a viable subject for study. Finally, since to date no study specifically relating to the Baptists of Texas and their role in race relations in the state has been made, it is felt that such a study will contribute to an understanding of the situation. The scope of this study, in point of time, extends from about 1850 to the early 1960's, in order to consider the reactions of Texas Baptists to the Brown decision of the United States Supreme Court. From the standpoint of subject, the study has been limited to leaders of the Baptist denomination. Their statements on the race ...
Date: December 1972
Creator: McLeod, Joseph Alpha, 1921-

Effects of a Learning Center Method Versus Lecture Method of Teaching as Related to Achievement, Self-Concept, and Attitude of College Freshmen

Description: The major problem of this study involved a comparison of two methods of teaching English and biology to college freshmen. Subproblems investigated in this study involved the apparent influence of each method of teaching on achievement in each course, on the self-concept of the student, on the students' attitude toward college and toward the learning center, and the effect of the commuterresident status on achievement, self-concept, or attitude. The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of the experimental method of teaching to achieve desired growth in academic achievement of first-semester college freshmen enrolled in English or biology.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Tillerson, Charles Wayne

The Refinement of a Policy-Capturing Model Used in the Selection of Administrative Interns

Description: The problem of this study is to refine the "policy-capturing" model used in the selection process of interns for the Administrative Leadership Training Program in a large metropolitan school district. The subjects for this study consisted of 416 candidates over a three-year period. The statistical procedure of multiple linear regression analysis was used to test the hypothesis that it would be possible to model the decision-making process so that the predictive value would be 90 per cent or higher. During the refinement process, the unique contribution of variance accounted for by each predictor variable was examined,and interactions between certain variables were tested. Two refined models were formulatedand the predictive value of each was calculated. The predictive values of all the models were less than 90 per cent; therefore, the hypothesis was rejected.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Stanley, Billie Joe

The Development of a Rating Scale for Use by Texas School Board Members to Evaluate a Superintendent's Performance

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of developing a scale for rating a public school superintendent in Texas in terms of his adherence to selected characteristics of administrative leadership. A secondary problem is to verify the hypothesis that very few schools in Texas, if any, use a rating scale to evaluate the performance of the superintendent. The purpose of this study will be to identify a set of administrative leadership characteristics which are accepted by members of Boards of Trustees, professors of educational leadership, and superintendents.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Craighead, Carl H., 1934-

The Effects of Classroom Management Techniques of Students' Choice Status and Self Concepts

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects that certain classroom management techniques would have on the self concepts and choice status of sixth grade students and to assess the potential of these techniques. All sixth grade students (86) enrolled in one elementary school participated in this study. There were four class sections, two of which made up the experimental group and two of which made up the control group. Only those students who were enrolled at the beginning of the study were included in the final data analysis. The IPAT Children's Personality Questionnaire, What You Do and What You Think (1963) provided a measurement of self concept. This instrument was reported to be a standardized self evaluation scale that assessed fourteen factors of personality. The sociometric test of specific criteria was used to identify students of low choice status. These two instruments were administered in January of 1972 and again in May of 1972.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Shaw, Calvin C.

Martin Agricola's 'Musica Instrumentalis Deudsch': A Translation

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of presenting a concise English translation of the book which Martin Agricola wrote in 1528 in German on the musical instruments and practices of his time. In addition to the translation itself, there is a major section devoted to a comparison of the material of Musica instrumentalis deudsch with other books and treatises on the same and related subjects which were written at approximately the same time or within the next hundred years. Agricola states that the purpose of his book was to teach the playing of various instruments such as organs, lutes, harps, viols, and pipes. He also noted that the material was prepared expressly for young people to study. To facilitate the accomplishment of this purpose Agricola wrote the book in short, two-lined, rhymed couplets so that the youths might quickly memorize the material and thus retain the instructions better.
Date: May 1972
Creator: Hollaway, William W.

The Activity of Certain Facial Muscles in the B-Flat Soprano Clarinet Embouchure: An Exploratory Study Utilizing Electromyography

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of facial muscle activity in forming and maintaining the soprano clarinet embouchure. The purposes of the study are to collect and analyze data in the following areas: 1. Activity of the following muscles during performance on the clarinet: (1) upper orbicularis oris, (2) lower orbicularis oris, (3) upper half of the buccinator, and (4) lower half of the buccinator. Muscular activity is read as electronic potential and is presented on recordings through the use of electromyography. 2. Possible effects which the electromyographic apparatus might impose upon performance. Tape recordings weremade of the subjects' performing prescribed tasks both before and during electromyographic analysis. The possible effects of the electromyographic analysis upon performance were then tested by comparing these two recordings.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Newton, William Jackson, 1932-

An Analysis of the Understanding of Authority Relationships Between Chief District Administrators and Chief Campus Administrators in Multicampus Junior College Systems

Description: One of the newest organizational developments in the junior college world is the multicampus junior college system. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a difference in the understanding of authority relationships between chief district administrators and chief campus administrators in multicampus junior college systems. This information should be valuable to junior college administrators who are now, or will be, faced with the problem of clarifying this authority relationship in daily activities and future planning. The semantic differential was the measuring instrument used in this study. Its use required that a questionnaire be developed to include functions to be differentiated against a set of corresponding bi-polar adjectives. The functions selected were evaluated by several individuals experienced in multicampus junior college administration. The nine pairs of bi-polar descriptive adjectives selected were from general adjectives previous factorial studies showed to have high factor loadings on either the evaluative, potency, or activity dimensions of connotative meaning.
Date: December 1972
Creator: VanTrease, Dean Paul

The Effects of Videotaping and Playback on the Communication Performance of the Introverted and Extroverted Individual

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining the effects of videotaping and subsequent playback on the communication performance of introverted and extroverted individuals. The principal method of determining these effects is the subjective judgment of a panel of qualified speech instructors who viewed videotaped speeches made by the subjects. All subjects were repeatedly subjected to videotaping, and half were exposed to playback. Statistically, by using one-way analysis of covariance, the effects of playback were measured: The speaking scores achieved by the experimental introverts and extroverts were compared with the speaking scores of the control introverts and extroverts. Sixty-four subjects were used; these were limited to college students enrolled in the teacher-education program. To carry out the purposes of the study, the following hypotheses were tested: 1. There will be a significant difference between the scores of introverted trainees who are videotaped and exposed to playback and the scores of introverted trainees who are videotaped but not exposed to playback. 2. There will be a significant difference in the scores of extroverted trainees who are videotaped and exposed to playback and the scores of extroverted trainees who are videotaped but not exposed to playback.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Wilson, John William

Brahms and the Character Piece: Emotion Guided by Intellect, a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Compositions by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Prokofieff, and Ravel

Description: The lecture recital was given October 15, 1971. The subject of the discussion was Brahms and the Character Piece: Emotion Guided by Intellect, and it included historical and biographical information, an analysis of Brahms' romantic-classic style, a general analysis of the six character pieces in Opus 118, and performance of Opus 118 by memory. In addition to the lecture recital, three other public recitals were performed. These three programs were comprised of solo literature for the piano. The first solo recital was on April 15, 1971, and included works of Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, and Ravel. The second program, presented on April 28, 1972, featured several works of Beethoven. Performed on Septemhber 25, 1972, the third recital programmed compositions by Chopin, Debussy, and Prokofieff. Magnetic tape recordings of all four programs and the written lecture material are filed together as the dissertation.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Blocker, Robert L. (Robert Lewis), 1946-

A Theory of Brasswind Embouchure Based upon Facial Anatomy, Electromyographic Kinesiology, and Brasswind Embouchure Pedagogy

Description: The purposes of this study are to identify and describe the function and control of facial muscles as related to sound production on brasswind instruments, to explore electromyographic theory and techniques with particular regard to the function and control of facial muscles, to identify basic theories of embouchure among brasswind teachers and performers, to develop a theory of brasswind embouchure based upon the preceding factors, and to propose recommendations with regard to brasswind pedagogy. Existing theories of embouchure were investigated by reviewing the extensive brasswind pedagogical literature, and by interviewing teachers representing two widely differing views. Electromyographic kinesiology of facial muscles was investigated as follows: a description of facial muscles was formulated by collating anatomy books; related electromyographic literature was reviewed; eloctromyographic recordings of facial muscled during, the performance of various facial muscle tasks and during brasswind performance were made using indwelling fine-wire electrodes. The following fundamental questions were raised: (1) What are the elements of brasswind embouchure, and what is the effect of each upon performance? (2) Is there a single embouchure mode which may be considered most efficient, and if so, what facial muscles are involved, and how may they be trained?
Date: August 1972
Creator: Isley, Charles L., 1920-

An Analysis of the Mathematics Necessary for a Course in Research Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Description: This study attempted to determine the specific mathematics necessary to a student in a beginning course in behavioral science research statistics. To determine the most desirable form for a review of mathematics prior to a research statistics course,, it was first necessary to determine the following: (1) the specific overall content of such a course, (2) the specific mathematics topics of such a course, and (3) the specific mathematics operations utilized in such a course. The study consisted of three parts. The first phase was a determination of the content of a typical beginning course in research statistics for the behavioral sciences. To make this determination, a survey was conducted among forty universities chosen by random sampling from those in the United States offering the Doctor of Education degree. Course outlines and textbooks used by these universities were analyzed, and topics were tabulated. In addition, a selection of recent statistics texts was analyzed, and these topics were also tabulated. These tables were used as a means of content determination.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Peterson, Daniel Ray

The Poetic Ideal in the Piano Music of Franz Liszt: A Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Music by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, and Contemporary European and North American Composers

Description: The dissertation consists of four recitals: one chamber music recital, two solo recitals, and one lecture recital. The chamber music program included a trio with the violin and cello performing with the piano. The repertoire of all of the programs was intended to demonstrate a variety of types and styles of piano music from several different historical periods. The lecture recital, "The Poetic Ideal in the Piano Music of Franz Liszt," was an attempt to enter a seldomexplored area of Liszt's musical inspiration. So much has been written about the brilliant and virtuosic compositions which Liszt created to demonstrate his own technical prowess that it is easy to lose sight of the other side of his creative genius. Both as a composer and as an author, Liszt reiterated his belief in the fundamental kinship of music and the other arts. The visual arts of painting and sculpture were included, but he considered the closest relationship to be with literature, and especially with poetry.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Lawhon, Gladys Louise, 1911-

Mexican Americans: An Economically Significant Ethnic Market Segment

Description: The area of ethnic market segmentation has received little attention from practitioners or academicians of marketing since most minority groups immigrating to the United States have gradually assimilated the cultural norms and values, and thus the market behavior, of the American society as a whole. Preliminary investigation, however, indicates that Mexican Americans are an exception. To discover whether Mexican Americans represent a true ethnic market segment of economic significance, this study examines and analyzes several aspects. First, to determine whether Mexican Americans represent a true ethnic segment, the following aspects of their cultural norms, perceptions, and values are investigated: their distinct and unique identity, the continuity and consistency of their adoption and use, and the degree of their influence. Second, to determine whether Mexican Americans constitute an ethnic market segment, grocery shopping behavioral patterns are examined. Third, to ascertain whether Mexican Americans represent a substantial ethnic market segment in terms of the number of consumers and the amount of money spent, relevant demographic and socioeconomic characteristics are presented and analyzed. Fourth, the impact of an economically significant ethnic market segment on marketers and marketing institutions is assessed. Due to the nature of this study, emphasis is placed on the collection of primary data, which has been obtained through personal interviews with 115 consumer respondents and eighteen grocery store owners and managers. Secondary data, gathered from reports of the Bureau of the Census, various periodicals, journals, and books, are used to establish cultural, demographic, and socioeconomic trends.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Ferguson, Richard Wayne, 1934-

A Visual-Aural Self-Instructional Program: In Pitch-Error Detection for Student Choral Conductors

Description: This study seeks to develop and evaluate a program of selfinstructional drill materials for improving the ability of students to detect pitch errors in choral singing. The specific purposes of the study are as follows: (1) To develop and validate a visualaural test for pitch-error detection; (2) to develop a visual-aural, self-instructional program for improving the ability of students to detect pitch errors; and (3) To determine whether the program of self-instructional drill materials modifies the ability to detect pitch errors. In the first phase of this three-phase study, a body of testing materials was assembled, pilot-tested, edited, and judged reliable for use. In Phase II a body of self-instructional, programmed drill materials was assembled, pilot-tested, corrected, and judged ready for evaluation. In Phase III the procedures were as follows: (1) the subjects for whom the program was intended were administered a pretest of their pitch-error detection ability; (2) one group (A) participated in the programmed drill materials developed, while the other group (B) used no programmed materials; (3) both groups were administered a midtest to determine whether there was any change; (4) the latter group (B) participated in the programed drill materials developed, while the first group (A) no longer used the programmed materials; (5) students in both groups were administered a posttest to deterine the effectiveness of the programmed drill materials in developing the ability to detect pitch errors while reading the vocal score.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Michels, Walter Joseph, 1930-

Existing Relationships Between Enrollment Size and Methods of Financial Management in the Public Universities of Texas Participating in the Ad Valorem Tax Fund

Description: The problem of this study is to ascertain the existing relationships between enrollment size and methods of financial management in selected public institutions of higher education. The purposes set forth for this investigation are to conduct a survey of the financial management methods of a major segment of Texas higher education, to analyze the existing relationships of these financial methods with increasing enrollments ranging from 2,537 to 26,531, and to assess the implications thereof for indicators of optimum and maximum enrollments under variable methods of financial management.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Childers, Lloyd Fred