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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Television News Selection and Public Relations Techniques

Description: The problem is to determine if identifiable factors influence selection of soft news for coverage on television newscasts. Data were obtained from news releases, newscast scripts, and interviews with participating practitioners and editors. Chapter I presents the problem; Chapter II contains an analysis of news releases submitted to editors; Chapter III presents analysis of techniques and attitudes of practitioners and editors; Chapter IV presents conclusions and guidelines. The study indicated practitioners could influence selection of their items through attention to certain factors and techniques: elements of newsworthiness, personal contact, method of item dissemination, quantity of items submitted, and professionalism and credibility. Specific guidelines were developed for practitioners to follow in dealing with television news editors.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Resnik, Linda

The Attitudes of Selected Texas Reporters and Editors Toward Video Display Terminals

Description: This study is concerned with determining the effects that video display terminal use had on reporters' and editors' attitudes toward their jobs and the machines themselves. Data for this investigation were obtained with questionnaires returned from seventy-one reporters and editors who use video terminals in their daily work. Questionnaire data were supplemented with interview data from thirteen questionnaire respondents, Ten hypotheses in five categories were tested with the t test. Four additional hypotheses were tested with raw data. Findings showed that video terminal use enhanced perceived job professionalism and made respondents think they should make more money. Attitudes toward video terminals improved after use of the devices, and respondents recognized the value of video terminal training in college,
Date: August 1978
Creator: Breedlove, James J.

Newspaper Treatment of the Viking Mission to Mars, 1975-76

Description: The study's problem was whether five major newspapers that covered Viking produced informative, educational, interpretive, and credible stories. Indexed, microfilmed articles from January, 1975, to November, 1976, were analyzed. Conclusions: no newspaper gave the landings the greatest percentage of coverage; every newspaper devoted the largest percentage of coverage to interpretation; science writers used analogy most often; adequate explanations of Viking's implications were not found; four of five newspapers had more references to named than unnamed sources; only two newspapers utilized their staffs more than outside sources. Recommendations: covering a science event should be planned to include preliminary coverage, follow-up, and analysis; writers must interpret the facts, use educational writing techniques, explain implications, and have specific attribution; newspapers should assess their capabilities for science coverage.
Date: August 1979
Creator: Hardaway, Bonnelle B.

The Outdoor Times: A Readership Survey and History of a Specialized Weekly Newspaper

Description: The problem of this study was an audience analysis of the weekly newspaper Outdoor Times, a Dallas based publication, by conducting a readership survey of randomly selected subscribers. The study also contains a brief history of the Outdoor Times, tracing its development since its inception to the present. The purposes of this study were (1) to examine the characteristics of a specialized, regional publication, the Outdoor Times, (2) to determine some characteristics of subscribers to the Outdoor Times, (3) to determine some reasons why readers subscribe to the Outdoor Times, (4) to examine subscribers' likes and dislikes concerning the Outdoor Times.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Cameron, Randy Duval

History of the Plano Star-Courier, 1873-1973

Description: This study traces the history of the Plano Star-Courier. Information was obtained from newspaper files, interviews, and directories. The thesis is divided into six chapters: Chapter I introduces the study; Chapter II chronicles the founding of Plano and the first newspaper publications; Chapter III concerns consolidation of the newspapers in Plano; Chapter IV traces the changes in ownership; Chapter V describes the newspaper under family ownership and corporation ownership; Chapter VI summarizes the history, influence, and future of the Star-Courier. This thesis combines the history of the Plano Star- Courier and the previously unwritten history of the town. For 100 years, the Star-Courier reflected the attitudes, values, and needs of people in the community.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Garrett, Judy Whatley

A History of Station WRR: Pioneer in Municipally Owned Radio

Description: This study presents an overall history of WRR, the first municipally owned radio station and describes the problems it encountered by competing in a commercial Dallas market. The study marks the establishment of WRR in 1920 as a signal transmitter for the Dallas Fire Department, its transition to an entertainment station, the addition of WRR-FM, retirement of long-time Station Manager Durward J. Tucker, heavy financial losses, public complaints, format changes, and the sale of the station. A final chapter provides a summary and recommendations for further study, and concludes that WRR should have left the commercial market when its revenue and ratings began to decline.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Sachs, Robin Leslie

The Second Armored Division's Public Affairs Office: Its Operation and Organization

Description: This study described the operation and organization of the United States Army's Second Armored Division's Public Affairs Office, with emphasis on the differences between garrison and field operations. The study found that the function of the division, public affairs office is to keep both the internal and external public(s) of the division informed concerning the activities of the division. The office is organized into three branches: command information, public information, and administration. During garrison operations, all members of the office operate from a building at Fort Hood, Texas. During field operations, office personnel organize into teams in order to provide information to all public(s), internal and external.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Donnelly, Robert T.

Making Meaning out of Difference: A Cultural Studies Analysis of the Struggle over the Meaning of Gayness in "Ellen" and Time Magazine

Description: On April 30, 1997, for the first time in television history, an actress on a popular television sitcom announced to the world that both se and the character she played were lesbians. This study offers an interpretation of the significance of Ellen DeGeneres' coming through a cultural studies analysis of the April 14, 1997 Time magazine article in which DeGeneres comes out and the April 30, 1997 "Ellen" television episode in which DeGeneres brings her character, Ellen Morgan, out. The study revealed sites of ideological differences between the two texts that could point to a struggle over the meaning of gayness in modern American society. The results suggest that mainstream attitudes and beliefs could be in the process of shifting toward a more normalized view of homosexuality.
Date: August 1998
Creator: Stearns, Susan, 1965-