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A study of stock price reactions to the decisions of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on changes in the federal funds rate.

Description: This paper analyzes stock index reactions to interest rate actions by the FOMC. Unlike previous analyses this study utilizes macro-economic indicators and accounts for pre-decision market expectations. Results indicate significant reaction of the stock market to the actions of the FOMC regardless of interest rate actions matching pre-decision market expectations. Binary dummy variables representing the five days following an FOMC meeting indicate a significant reaction for days one; two and three of the Dow Jones model and for day five of the NASDAQ model. The magnitude of the coefficients are 0.17%, 0.09%, -0.07% and -.15% respectively. These findings may be sensitive to a priori choices regarding the definition of the market expectation variable.
Date: May 2002
Creator: Bushnell, Wesley

Determining the Impact of Selected Variables on the Sale Price of Real Estate

Description: This paper presents the results of a study dealing with a number of issues regarding real estate investment. Utilizing a data set consisting of real estate transactions, questions relative to the impact of certain variables on the sale price are addressed. This analysis addresses the question of the impact of financial, physical, and location characteristics on the sales price of commercial grade real estate.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Martin, Jon E. (Jon Egan)

Analysis of Japanese Exports and Imports of Rice

Description: This research shows that the Japanese rice policy has affected the volume of exported and imported rice; moreover, multilateral and bilateral agreements have also affected Japanese rice policy. Japan's institution of subsidies and trade barriers has made its rice products too expensive for foreign trade and its domestic consumers. Since the WTO agreement has forced Japan to open its market gradually over six years, Japan may be unable to compete internationally because of its limited land, high labor costs, and the field utility fees.
Date: May 2003
Creator: Shiraiwa, Toshio

Students' Perception of Videoconference Courses: A Case Study of the University of North Texas

Description: The objective of the survey is to observe students' perceptions of videoconference courses offered by the University of North Texas (UNT). The perceptions of 348 students enrolled in videoconferencing (VC) courses in the fall 2002 semester were obtained through a 29-item course evaluation questionnaire. From this study, I conclude generally that UNT students perceive videoconference courses as a positive stride in providing classes. While it was expected that students at remote sites would experience greater technological problems and lower levels of student/teacher interaction, evaluations from remote sites indicate higher degrees of student satisfaction than those students taking VC courses at the main campus location.
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Date: May 2003
Creator: Christopher, Chris-Junior

Economic Impact of Hospitals: the Case of Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine.

Description: This report analyzes the economic impacts of the Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, Texas. The economic impacts are analyzed using the IMPLAN impact modeling system developed by the Minnesota IMPLAN Group. The analysis evaluates construction activities by Baylor-Grapevine as well as procurement spending and employment. Additionally, the impact of ancillary facilities surrounding Baylor-Grapevine and the impact of patient visitor spending is also reviewed. Total recurring impacts of procurement spending at Baylor-Grapevine, employment at Baylor-Grapevine and its ancillary facilities, and visitor spending will generate over $227 million in economic activity for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This activity will support more than 3,300 direct, indirect, and induced jobs paying over $138 million in annual earnings.
Date: August 2004
Creator: Graves, Jennifer M.

A Test For Structural Change In Productivity: A Look At The Internet

Description: It is said that there is a "productivity paradox" existing in the workplace meaning there are no net benefits from information technology spending. This paper attempts to answer the question as to whether there is a need to account for a change in the growth rate of productivity after the Internet was opened up to commercial use. Using the Chow Test for structural change I concluded that there was indeed a positive change in the growth rate of productivity beginning in the early 1990s that can be associated with increasing Internet usage.
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Date: August 2004
Creator: Thomas, Garvii Lincoln


Description: This study describes the role of rural women and their importance in the success of microfarm projects. Microfarm cultivators can increase their income levels through trade of agricultural products. By adopting self-sustaining methods, the cultivator saves money and does not need to rely as much on goods and services from outside resources to increase food production efficiencies in microfarms. This goal can be reached in part through careful planning and construction of the microfarm facility. In addition, in developing phases of the microfarm, the external resources may possibly be a mechanism to increase expansion and knowledge. Microfarms are an important option for the third world countries and poor people worldwide.
Date: August 2004
Creator: Hernandez, Rafael I.

The Production Effects of Protectionist Announcements: An Examination of the Steel Industry

Description: The well-being of the American steel industry is vital to the overall health of the United States (U.S.) economy. This belief is, in part, the impetus for the enactment of protective tariffs and quotas. This paper examines the impact of the announcement of the 2001 tariffs. Numerous forces have buffeted the U.S. steel industry over the last decade. Domestic steel firms operate in a highly global, fiercely competitive, and capital-intensive industry. This environment has proven inhospitable to the U.S. steel industry, widely criticized for inefficiency and overcapacity. A regression analysis finds that the announcement of the 2001 tariffs had no statistically significant impact on U.S. domestic raw steel production. Supporting theories are reexamined, and the implications of this finding for trade policy are explored.
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Date: May 2003
Creator: Pharr, Matthew C.

The Development and Economic Impacts to the State of Texas from the Construction of Interstate 69

Description: Regional population growth and increasing trade with Mexico are creating severe traffic congestion along Interstate 35 and at the Laredo bridge crossings. The construction of a new Interstate Highway 69 has been offered as one solution to this problem. This analysis examines the economic impacts of building Interstate 69 and its potential impact on job creation in the counties along its projected path. Using the IMPLAN input-output modeling system, construction of Interstate 69 will support $4.2 billion in economic activity in the counties through which it will pass. More importantly, based on an analysis of Interstate 27 in west Texas, it can be projected that Interstate 69 will spur a 2% gain in regional employment above any usual economic growth.
Date: December 2002
Creator: Pettibon, Gregory Jason

The impact of rising energy prices on the poor over time in the United States.

Description: Policy makers and households are concerned about the impact of rising energy prices on low-income households. In a trend starting in the 1970s, low-income households are spending an increasingly disproportionate share of their income on home energy. The burden on a household imposed by energy prices can be analyzed through four factors: energy price, energy consumption, income level, and level of assistance provided to help with the costs of energy. The combination of these factors indicates that the energy burden is continuing to be disproportionately large for the nation's poor. Therefore, policy makers make further efforts to alleviate this burden by modifying energy pricing regulation.
Date: August 2002
Creator: Long, Pei-Ling Amy

Trends and issues in non-profit business planning.

Description: Non-profits are increasing in size and scope to meet social needs that are unmet by the government. Declining financial support, government regulations, and increasing competition force non-profits to become more professional and efficient. Non-profits increasingly engage in commercial activities, joint ventures with for-profits, and employ business techniques such as business planning and marketing. An extensive body of research examines issues related to non-profit performance that supplies a framework for business planning. Business planning may help non-profits to sustain competitive advantages and long-term financial stability. This paper examines the challenges of writing a business plan for non-profits concluding with a sample business plan that takes into consideration advantages, risks, and limitations of non-profits.
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Date: August 2004
Creator: Barnes, Svetlana V.

Long-Term Impact of Mega-Sport Events on the Host Region

Description: The purpose of this paper is to analyze and identify the major factors that determine the success or failure of mega-sports events. The report begins with a discussion of why localities are willing to invest large sums of public monies in infrastructure and services to host these events. This is followed by a review of the methods used to assess the economic, fiscal, and social impacts of hosting large sporting events. It is observed that comprehensive analyses of the impacts of these events are not undertaken. Finally, the major factors that affect the success of these events are discussed along with suggestions for improving studies evaluating success or failure.
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Date: August 2004
Creator: Shargorodsky, Paulo

Empowering the Black Community Faith-Based Economic Development

Description: This paper is addressed to the inner city and some suburban congregations seeking to express their faith through practical initiatives to revitalize their distressed communities. The paper seeks to inspire and instruct the reader with motivational stories containing illustrations of the valuable role that African-American congregations have played in stimulating economic development in their communities. The paper also shows the importance of African-Americans having some control over the flow of economic funds throughout the community. African-American churches in the inner city should undertake significant ventures in community economic development to minister to the temporal as well as the spiritual needs of their communities. This paper will demonstrate how the African-American church, with assistance from federal, state, local programs, and private concerns, can be effective in the urban revitalization.
Date: August 2001
Creator: Gipson, Phillip E.