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Commentary on "Frightening Near-Death Experiences"

Description: Abstract: Kenneth Ring and Nancy Evans Bush both wrote papers concerning frightening near-death experiences (NDEs) in the Fall 1994 issue of this Journal. The results of my own research are more supportive of Bush's position than they are of Ring's. This paper gives some of the reasons why and illustrates other data accumulated by me concerning frightening NDEs.
Date: Winter 1996
Creator: Gibson, Arvin S.

The Death Dream and Near-Death Darwinism

Description: This paper proposes that "based upon very repeatable computer simulations of dying neural networks, the phenomena of both near-death experiences (NDEs) and a virtual afterlife are plausible and can be expected to occur in traumatized neurobiological systems" (abstract). The author then speculates three societal implications based on this conclusion.
Date: Autumn 1996
Creator: Thaler, Stephen L.

Dissociation: Normal or Abnormal?

Description: Abstract: Recent articles have addressed the question of whether or not the out-of-body experience reported by many people near death is a form of dissociative behavior. If so, is it related to other mental or emotional pathologies or is it a normal protective response to stress? This paper explores the history of dissociation and related terms, uncovering a multiplicity of uses and connotations. New orientations in physics and the rise of the New Science in the form of Chaos Theory allow a plethora of additional interpretations.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Spencer, Marlene

ECT: TNT or TLC? A Near-Death Experience Triggered by Electroconvulsive Therapy

Description: Article reporting an experience in the course of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that was indistinguishable from a near-death experience (NDE). Aspects of the experience that had been terrifying for the individual were counterbalanced by her immediate and complete recovery from a suicidal depression. Beyond the transpersonal aspects of her NDE-like experience, the ECT triggered a precognitive vision that materialized two years later.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Floyd, Keith

Evolution and the Relationship between Brain and Mind States

Description: Article discussing the phylogenetic basis of states of consciousness, and presenting the central theses of monism and dualism, in which near-death experiences (NDEs) enjoy very different ontological statuses.
Date: Summer 1996
Creator: Gomez-Jeria, Juan S. & Madrid-Aliste, Carlos

Guest Editorial: Children and the Near-Death Phenomenon: Another Viewpoint

Description: "Children who brush death, nearly die, or who are pronounced clinically dead but later revive have a much higher incidence of near-death experiences (NDEs) than do adults. Although excellent research now exists on children's cases, there have been discrepancies. I suggest that we need to broaden the range of observations on children's NDEs and reconsider what is known about children and the near-death phenomenon" (abstract).
Date: Autumn 1996
Creator: Atwater, P.M.H., L.H.D.

Hedonic Deactivation: A New Human Value for an Advanced Society

Description: "Comatose subjects experience pleasant unaroused affects such as tranquility, serenity, peacefulness, and relaxation, more frequently and more intensely than they experience aroused feelings or differentiated emotions. I suggest that consciousness is not disconnected by coma, but rather is potentiated following complete blockage of the brain's information channels" (abstract).
Date: Autumn 1996
Creator: Tiberi, Emilio

Homer's Odysseus as an Ecstatic Voyager

Description: Article examining the events of Homer's Odyssey chronologically, identifying and analyzing specific instances where Homer's imagery suggests such a multifaceted relationship. In accounting for this relationship, the article introduces a psychospiritual evolutionary theory of symbolism and inspiration based upon the higher dimensional existence of the supernatural.
Date: Summer 1996
Creator: Greene, F. Gordon

The Near-Death Experience: A Study of Its Validity

Description: Abstract: An Italian translation of Greyson's (1983a) NDE Sclae was administered to 125 individuals who had been resuscitated at a hospital in Italy. By NDE Scale criteria 37.5 percent of those who returned the questionnaire had authentic NDEs. These data suggest some limitations to Grayson's NDE Scale and recommendations for future research.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Pacciolla, Aureliano

Near-Death Prophecies of Disaster and the New Age: Are They True?

Description: Article examining long-range data and finding trend reversals in 1987-88: increases in religiosity, service, and United Nations peacekeeping efforts, and decreases in chlorofluorocarbon production, nuclear warhead stockpiles, arms exports, and interest in economic well-being.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Alschuler, Alfred S.

Questions for the "Dying Brain Hypothesis"

Description: This paper poses "four questions for the "dying brain hypothesis" as propounded by Susan Blackmore in her book Dying to Live (1993)" (abstract). "I suggest that these four questions pose a challenge to the "dying brain hypothesis" (abstract).
Date: Autumn 1996
Creator: Serdahely, William J., Ph.D.