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Are Out-of-Body Experiences Evidence for Survival?

Description: Article that seeks to define out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and argues that both theoretical and empirical reasons prove that OBEs cannot provide evidence for survival of death.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Blackmore, Susan

Bozzano and the First Classification of Deathbed Visions: A Historical Note and Translation

Description: Abstract: "Ernest Bozzano was an Italian parapsychologist who published, in 1923, one of the most important historical studies on deathbed visions. The book, while influencing such scholars as Charles Richet and Sir William Barrett, remained largely forgotten and untranslated. This paper provides a translation of selections from Bozzano's monograph illustrating his unique classification of death visions."
Date: December 1983
Creator: Siegel, Ronald K. & Hirschman, Ada E.

Five Arguments Regarding the Objectivity of NDEs

Description: This paper presents five arguments that are relevant in assessing the objective status of near-death experiences (NDEs). The core of the analyses "is in support of an objectivist interpretation of the near-death experience" (abstract).
Date: June 1983
Creator: Woodhouse, Mark B.

Jung, Parapsychology, and the Near-Death Experience: Toward a Transpersonal Paradigm

Description: This paper discusses near-death experiences (NDEs) under the framework of the Jungian theory of archetypes. "NDEs are looked at as evidence for the activation of a unique archetype associated with rebirth experience, designated the archetype of death and enlightenment (ADE). The general function of the ADE is outlined, and evidence for the psychic manifestations of it is reviewed" (abstract).
Date: June 1983
Creator: Grosso, Michael

The Mormon Explanation of Near-Death Experiences

Description: "This paper describes an explanation of the near-death experience (NDE) based on the writings of Mormon leaders" (abstract). The paper mentions the spirit world, and the spiritual body's characteristics, as well as the people that can be encountered by the individual experiencing the NDE.
Date: June 1983
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R. & Widdison, Harold A.

Multiple Mind/Body Perspectives and the Out-of-Body Experience

Description: "This study reviews and analyzes evidence for a rare but persistently reported facet of out-of-body experience (OBE)/near-death experience (NDE) phenomenology designated the "multiple-body/split-consciousness" effect. Those who experience this effect describe the sensation of possessing and in some instances simultaneously occupying a multiple number of "bodies" at varying locations, sometimes in conjunction with the sense of being disembodied" (abstract). The paper also analyzes this phenomenon from a neurological perspective and the mathematical branch called topology.
Date: June 1983
Creator: Greene, F. Gordon

Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in a Melanesian Society

Description: Abstract: "The texts of three near-death experiences, one vision, and one dream by Melanesian villagers are presented and analyzed with regard to their cultural context. Comparison of these experiences with those reported from North America and India suggests that while they have common features (such as the appearance of apparitions, and visions of paradise), their interpretation is structured by cultural expectations."
Date: December 1983
Creator: Counts, Dorothy Ayers

The Near-Death Experience in Children: Shades of the Prison-House Reopening

Description: Abstract: "Some critics have argued that the near-death experience (NDE) is merely a culturally conditioned response to a life crisis, a reflection of expectations engendered by education, religious training, social mores, and family traditions. A review of seventeen accounts of NDEs in children, including two youngsters still in childhood, indicates that NDEs that occur at early ages appear to be substantially similar in content to adult experiences. These accounts suggest that cultural conditioning is not a primary determinant of NDE contents."
Date: December 1983
Creator: Bush, Nancy Evans

Near-Death Experiences, Altered States, and Psi Sensitivity

Description: Article describing a study to compare the frequency of psi experiences, psi-related experiences, mystical states, dream experiences, and demographic variables for (1) persons who had never come close to death, (2) persons who claimed to have had a close call with death but no intense experience, and (3) persons who indicated that they had had a near-death experience.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Kohr, Richard L.

Near-Death Experiences in a Southern California Population

Description: This paper discusses "41 persons who were near death or clinically dead as the result of an accident, illness, or suicide attempt are presented. Respondents reported a total of 50 near-death experiences (NDEs) of which 33 were rated (using K. Ring's Weighted Core Experience Index) as having been deep, 10 as moderate, and 7 as non-experiences" (abstract).
Date: June 1983
Creator: Green, J. Timothy