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The Elias Project: Using the Near-Death Experience Potential in Therapy

Description: Article describing the therapeutic usefulness of near-death experiences (NDEs). The fundamental hypothesis is that reports of NDEs together with relevant research can be understood to be a modern book of death and dying, one that is not only useful but also applicable to therapeutic purposes.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Winkler, Engelbert

The Reenchantment of Death: Near-Death, Death Awareness, and the New Age

Description: Article discussing a contextual question regarding the receptivity of the near-death phenomenon. This question concerns the social conditions that have popularized the discourse of the near-death experience. These conditions can be identified as the reenchantment of the world within the context of the New Age, the emergence of death awareness in a rapidly aging population, and the renewal of faith within the context of religious revivalism.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Lee, Raymond L. M.

Validity and Reliability of the Near-Death Experience Scale-6 (NDE-6)

Description: Research study reporting the development and psychometric properties of a 6-item Near-Death Experience Scale (NDE-6) drawn largely from the 16-item parent scale. This short form evidenced adequate test-retest reliability and internal consistency, as well as construct validity. The index shows promise for use in research and as a screening scale in clinical contexts.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Prosnick, Kevin P. & Evans, William J.