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Assessment of Clergy Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article discussing the results of a questionnaire distributed to clergy from Pennsylvania and Illinois, which showed the respondents had limited knowledge of the near-death experience (NDE) but had a moderately positive attitude toward the subject.
Date: Spring 1992
Creator: Bechtel, Lori J.; Chen, Alex; Pierce, Richard A. & Walker, Barbara A.

Guest Editorial: Is There a Hell? Surprising Observations About the Near-Death Experience

Description: Article discussing current research into what are now termed "distressing" or "unpleasant" near-death experiences (NDEs) and the author's findings from interviews of over a hundred such cases.The article compares this information with earlier reports from Maurice Rawlings, mythological traditions about the concept of hell, and renderings from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Finally, it details four types of NDEs - initial, hell-like, heaven-like, and transcendental - and what seems to be an attitudinal profile characteristic of each type.
Date: Spring 1992
Creator: Atwater, P. M. H.

Loving Help from the Other Side: A Mosaic of Some Near-Death, and Near-Death-Like, Experiences

Description: Article purporting that persons who have Stage 5 or Transcendental near-death experience frequently report they were given a message that they should be more loving and helpful to others upon returning to their bodies. On the other hand, some persons who have had near-death, or near-death-like, experiences report receiving loving help from "the other side." The author proposes that these reports are evidence that the other side "practices what it preaches."
Date: Spring 1992
Creator: Serdahely, William J.