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A "Little Death": The Near-Death Experience and Tibetan Delogs

Description: Article exploring a phenomenon remarkably like the near-death experience that has been uncovered in Tibetan culture. Anthropologists have gathered accounts of contemporary and historical cases of remarkable people called delogs. Seemingly dead for several hours or days, these people revive spontaneously and tell detailed accounts of otherworldly journeys. These delogs are a bridge between contemporary near-death experiences and ancient shamanic practices.
Date: Spring 2001
Creator: Bailey, Lee W.

Near-Death Experiences and Self-Transformation

Description: Article examining three successive near-death experiences (NDEs) in one individual, which suggests that such alterations of consciousness weaken ego control and foster transcendence of the ego, promoting transformation and regeneration.
Date: Spring 1988
Creator: Pennachio, John

The Popular Appeal of the Near-Death Experience

Description: Article arguing that as scientific research provides an ever-more-complete physiological explanation of the near-death experience (NDE), popular interest in NDEs will wane, because the transcendental interpretation, which holds that the NDE provides proof of an immaterial soul, an afterlife, and assorted paranormal phenomena, has always been the magnet that has attracted widespread attention to the subject.
Date: Autumn 1991
Creator: Basil, Robert