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A Contribution of Frankl's Logotherapy to the Interpretation of Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article discussing Viktor Frankl's logotherapy, which resolves potential conflicting sources of meaning by the application of the Laws of Dimensional Ontology, which validate apparently conflicting viewpoints. The application of these laws to the interpretation of near-death experiences (NDEs) resolves the conflict between the orthodox scientific view of NDEs as hallucination and the experiential view of them as experiences of the afterlife to come.
Date: Spring 1997
Creator: Crumbaugh, James C.

A Contribution of Tipler's Omega Point Theory to Near-Death Studies

Description: Article presenting Frank Tipler's concepts and arguments, and highlighting the value of his orientation for near-death studies. Tipler's work takes the steam out of scientific rejection of religious, spiritual, or neotic phenomena, and makes it possible to accept these phenomena while maintaining a strictly scientific posture.
Date: Autumn 1999
Creator: Crumbaugh, James C.