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Cardiac Arrest and Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article which describes the process of cardiac resuscitation in some detail, explains how known data on cardiac resuscitation predict the incidence of these experiences, as well as how the functioning of the body during cardiac resuscitation explains the experiences undergone during NDEs.
Date: Summer 2004
Creator: Woerlee, G. M.

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Volume 22, Number 4, Summer 2004

Description: Quarterly journal publishing papers related to near-death experiences, including research reports; theoretical or conceptual statements; expressions of a scientific, philosophic, religious, or historical perspective on the study of near-death experiences; cross-cultural studies; individual case histories; and personal accounts of experiences or related phenomena.
Date: Summer 2004
Creator: Greyson, Bruce

Psychomanteum Research: A Pilot Study

Description: Study of 57 persons who participated in 31 workshops seeking visionary and other reunion experiences with departed loved ones by means of a mirror-gazing procedure developed by Raymond Moody. The study was an attempt to repeat Moody's findings, to alleviate the grief of the participants, and to explore psychological factors related to their experiences.
Date: Summer 2004
Creator: Roll, William G.