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The Administration of Don Heath Morris at Abilene Christian College

Description: This study is concerned with the administrative and educational contributions of Don Heath Morris to Abilene Christian College. The aim of this investigation is to ascertain the purposes of those who founded Abilene Christian College and to study the effects of the philosophy and work of Don H. 'Morris on the school. Attention is also given to the changes that occurred in Morris' philosophy as he adjusted to the vicissitudes of a growing college during a period when American higher education was making dramatic changes. Perhaps the outstanding quality of Don H. Morris as a college administrator was his persistence and single-mindedness in pressing for the achieving of the school's goals. He had the ability to see a goal clearly and to work toward it tirelessly. He never allowed the burdens of office that might have deterred a less committed and determined person to come between him and his devotion to the purposes of the school. Morris' basic philosophy of Christianity and Christian education was matured and intensified during his years at Abilene Christian College. His life was fulfilled in his work at Abilene Christian College, and Abilene Christian College bears the lasting impression of his personality and philosophy.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Cosgrove, Owen

A Study of the Contributions of Mary Lizzie McCord to Drama Education at Southern Methodist University

Description: Although in 1915 there was no drama education in Methodist colleges and universities in Texas, today all Methodist schools of higher education in Texas have at least course offerings in drama. Southern Methodist University was one of the first Methodist schools to offer such courses which began with the hiring of Mary McCord to teach public speaking in September, 1915. The problem of this study is to explain the contributions of Mary McCord to the development of drama education at Southern Methodist University. It is recommended that the development of the department after Miss McCord retired be examined, that the students taught by Miss McCord who chose theatre as their life's work be interviewed about the effect of her training on their careers, and that a thorough study of the McCord Theatre Collection be undertaken.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Spalding, Sharon Brown