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Evaluation of the Mid-Management Concept of Cooperative Education in a Practical Setting

Description: The problem with which this investigation was concerned was that of evaluating the Mid-Management concept of cooperative education at Tarrant County Junior College's South Campus. Evaluative data regarding the various parts of the Mid-Management program were obtained from current students, graduates, and employers, through use of primary source questionnaires and interviews. This study leads to the conclusion that promotional opportunities for students and especially graduates have been enhanced by more than 15 percent and, that a significant number of students and graduates have experienced an improvement in self-image and an increase in self-confidence. It is concluded further, that employers have perceived an increase in their Mid-Management employees' understanding of the manager's job and in their performance on the job, and that employers positively endorse the job-related-project approach of cooperative education. Earnings of both current students and graduates increased substantially after participation in the program; some of these improvements can probably be attributed to the program itself while others were due to inflation, tenure on the job, and other factors.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Strader, Jerry D.