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A Structural Analysis of The Brothers Karamazov

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to reveal the structural unity of The Brothers Karamazov through the isolation and analyzation of the various techniques used by Dostoyevsky to unify the novel. In order to retain more than a few impressions and remembrances of outstanding events, in order to retain the novel itself, the reader needs to be aware of the structure of the work. If the fullest realization of the novel depends upon the reader's perception of its structure, the structure becomes the important critical element.
Date: May 1959
Creator: Bruckner, Karen Lindsey

Techniques and Content in Thornton Wilder: a Critical Re-Evaluation

Description: The aim of this paper is not to disprove previous interpretations of Wilder's work, but to enlarge on them. The problem is not that the opinions of the early critics and many of the later ones were incorrect; the were merely incomplete. This paper shall attempt to show that Wilder's major thematic material falls into two interlocking and overlapping groups. Repeatedly Wilder deals with the relationship of man to something beyond himself, and the relationship of man to individual man and to mankind.
Date: August 1959
Creator: Smith, Carolyn June

The Treatment of Nature in Thomas Hardy's Six Major Novels

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to examine Thomas Hardy's treatment of nature in his major works. His interpretation of nature was sharply divergent from the traditional viewpoint regarding the natural world, and it was the direct antithesis of those interpretations of nature made by the writers who had preceded him.
Date: January 1959
Creator: Spann, Marjorie Williams

The Use of Art Objects in the Fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Description: This study is not concerned with the evaluation of Hawthorne's artistic criticism but with the uses he made art objects in his writing. Such a study should give suggestions for interpretation of his works, as well as information concerning literary devices and technique in style. It should consider the contribution of the art objects to the literary artistry of the works in which they appear. Such a study has not previously been made.
Date: June 1959
Creator: Rodewald, Fred A.