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Primary view of Administering Social Reform in a Federal System: The Case of the Office for Civil Rights
Thompson, Gary E.
August 1974
Primary view of American Response to Military Coups among Her Allies: Greece--The Colonels' Coup
Frith, Roger W.
December 1977
Primary view of An Analysis of Voting Patterns in Mobile, Alabama, 1948-1970
Voyles, James Everett, 1943-
May 1973
Primary view of An Assessment of the Attitudes of the Personnel of Welfare-Oriented Governmental Agencies Toward the Poor
Valverde Rocha, Maria de la Luz
August 1979
Primary view of A Comparison of Thailand's Relations with the United States and China, 1965-1975
Charoenratha, Benjavan
August 1978
Primary view of Electoral Behavior in Texas from 1944 Through 1972
Dickenson, Martha Kay
August 1973
Primary view of Fair Park Expansion: A Case Study of Political Bias and Protest in Urban Politics
Davies, Elizabeth Durham
August 1974
Primary view of The Impact of the Civics Curriculum on the Political Attitudes and Behavior of R. L. Turner High School Students
Couch, Stephen L.
August 1971
Primary view of The Impact of U.S. Arms Transfer Policies on Relations with Peru, 1945-1978
Davison, J. Les
August 1979
Primary view of Indo-Soviet Relations: The Implications of Soviet-United States Rivalry in the Indian Ocean, 1968-1976
Wannitikul, Udsanee
December 1978
Primary view of Interdependence or Realism: A Study in United States-Iranian Relations
Akhavizadeh, Mohaimmad T.
May 1978
Primary view of The Job of City Manager from Two Points of View
Blackburn, Audley
December 1973
Primary view of Leadership and Mexican-American Politics: A Study of Two Texas Cities
Pinon, Fernando
August 1971
Primary view of Power Politics in a Federal Agency: a Policy Study in Federal Aid Programs for Students in Higher Education
Allen, Robert Lloyd
May 1977
Primary view of Professional Public Relations and Political Power in Texas
Mansfield, Michael W.
December 1970
Primary view of Quadrennial -- Act 36: An Analysis of the Administrator-Director Form of Govenment in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Chiabotta, William I.
December 1972
Primary view of The Question of Restrictions on Travel to China: a Case Study in United States-China Relations (1948-1971)
Smith, Bennie
August 1972
Primary view of The Texas Failure: A Critical Study of Pollution in Texas
Chidgey, John Thomas
May 1973
Primary view of Toward a Causal Model of Texas City Manager Policy Role Orientations
Smith, Russell Lane
May 1974
Primary view of Urbanization and Republican Growth in the South, 1950-1968
Hughes, Dorene
December 1975